Thursday, August 11, 2011

Krusell Orbit with Multidapt for Apple iPhone Review

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Reviewed by KC Kim

Intro: Well I have been on the hunt for the very best leather case for the iPhone. While I have found some contenders I have yet to find the one that I would like to use on a daily basis. Krusell sent me their latest leather case for the Apple iPhone. And here we take a look at the Krusell Orbit Multidapt Flip Cover Leather Case for Apple iPhone.

Design: The design is great especially to those who don’t like the black on black look. The Krusell case which has a nice blend of Black with red isn’t as understated as the black leather cases I’ve reviewed before. So if you want a case that warrants attentions then the Krusell case is the one to get. The red stitching is perfectly aligned, and the genuine leather exudes luxury.

Function: The first generation of iPhone was plague with fitting and functional issues inside the case. Forunately the Krusell case has none of these issues. The proximity sensor which is block in most other leather cases for the iPhone is not on the Krusell case. It’s also not so tight that you have to yank it out of the case. But is tight enough to keep the phone in place.

The Krusell case also comes with the patented Multidapt belt clip.

Another cool feature is you can pop out the back to make a stand for the iPhone. Very nice feature and useful when you prop the iPhone on a table or desk.

Conclusion: Having used the case everyday that I have tested it I believe this is the case that I will use daily with my iPhone. It fits perfect, looks high quality, and provides maximum protection. If your looking for a top of line case for your iPhone look no further than the Krusell case. It will not disappoint.

9.5 out of 10

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