Monday, June 27, 2011

Dark Sucks makes custom high performance rechargeable LED flashlights

Alpha series is custom high powered LED flashlights from Dark Sucks. California-based designer and fabricator, Jason Hui, is producing limited production of these powerful flashlights. Check out the site and order HERE

10 Camping Gadgets that Don’t Require Batteries or Power

Camping anytime soon then take a look at this top ten list of gadgets that don't require batteries or power. Check out the entire top ten list HERE

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Archos Unveils $99 'Arnova 7' Android Tablet

Now we are seeing cheaper Tablets hit the U.S. market with the Archos Arnova 7 which only costs $99. This Tablets is no frill as it features Android 2.2, a 7-inch 800x400 resolution display, 4GB or storage(expandable via the built-in SDHC slot), 720p playback and access to the AppsLib app store. If your looking for a no frills Tablet to try out Android here it is.

via Tom's Guide

The Vizio Tablet

The Vizio Tablet is reality and launching soon at a Walmart near you for $349. The 8 inch tablet will feature 1,024x768 capacitive touch screen, wifi, bluetooth, GPS and 2GB of storage. The microSD adds an additional 32GB of storage.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB (Media Center Upgrade Kit) Review


Reviewed by K.C. Kim

AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB is a new generation of USB TV solution including an Analog/Digital ATSC receiver with MPEG-2 Hardware Encoder solution. With the full compatibility of Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate Edition Media Center operating systems, this elegant and portable AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB TV Tuner converts your desktop or notebook into a complete entertainment center. The new economical version of USB TV solution includes an Analog/Digital ATSC receiver to enrich your TV program choices.

Particularly designed for larger screen sizes and featuring a larger user interface, Microsoft Media Center Edition (MCE) operating system provides you an easy way to access all your MCE compliant devices via the easy-to-use remote control. Via AVerMedia’s supplied MCE certified remote control, users can store, share, and view favorite live TV programs, digital photos, music, and movies, enjoying all-round multimedia functions anywhere in their home.

With a push of a button, users can watch TV or use the PVR and Time-Shift features to pause, rewind and replay Live TV so as to never miss a moment of favorite TV programs. In addition, AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB supports up to 1080i High Definition TV viewing with different aspect ratio including 4:3 and 16:9. Last but not least, with the FM Radio reception, AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB allows you to have simple access to FM Radio stations. Users can easily enjoy live FM radio while working on their desktop or notebook.

* Worldwide Analog TV
* ATSC Digital TV
* FM Radio
* Windows XP MCE support
* Windows® Vista Premium Certificated (32/64-Bit driver)
* Portable USB 2.0 TV Box
* High Definition quality support up to 1080i/720p
* Composite and S-Video input
* MPEG-2 hardware encoder

Input Signal

* 75 Ω Digital TV Antenna Input x 2
* S-Video
* Composite (RCA)
* Audio In (L/R)
* FM Radio Antenna Input

System Requirements

* CPU: Intel® Pentium 4 2.6GHz with HT (Hyper Threading) or Equivalent AMD® Processor
* Intel® Centrino Mobile 1.8GHz
* 512MB RAM or above
* VGA card supports DirectX 9.0c or above
* Sound Card
* Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005, or Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate (32&64 bit)
* 200MB hard disk free-space at least

For HDTV (MPEG-2) Only

* VGA card supports DirectX 9.0c
* Intel® Pentium 4 2.6GHz (Hyper-Threading) or Equivalent AMD® Processor
* Intel® Centrino Mobile 2.0GHz
* HDTV will only function when the TV signal is in HDTV format
* 1GB RAM or above

Package Includes

* AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB
* Dimension:112.3 x 91.5 x 17.5 mm
* Weight: 150g
* Quick Installation Guide
* Installation CD
* USB Cable
* MCE Certified Remote Control (Batteries Included)
* Window MCE USB IR Blaster & Receiver
* FM Radio Antenna
* RF Connector

What's in the box: Of all the TV Tuners I reviewed this one comes with the most complete amount of accessories.

System Requirements: This is a must! Please know the system requirements before you buy it. Otherwise you might be disappointed if it doesn't work for you. Also this device will only work with Windows XP Media Center or Windows Vista Media Center.

Intro: Having reviewed several of the new breed of tuners available I was very interested in seeing what the AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB had to offer.

Installation: Documentation is a bit on the short side but let's get up and running. First connect the AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB to your PC or laptop. The device has two usb connectors. You may have to use both to power device. In my case this was true. "Found New Hardware Wizard" dialog box will show up. And press cancel. Next insert software CD. Install the driver. Now that your setup go to Microsoft Media Center.

Remote: The AVerTV Hybrid comes with a full size remote that works with Media Center without any software or setup needed. Simply install the included Double AA batteries connect the IR Receiver and your ready to go.

Performance: By far the best quality video of any TV tuner I have ever reviewed. None of the blockiness or jerkiness of other tuners on the market. It also is not a resource hog as well, which is a big bonus. Even with my laptop hitting the minimum requirements the AVerTV hybrid perform well. I would imagine it would be even better on the latest and greatest PC's.

Record: The device has the usual PVR recording ability with hardware encoding in mpeg2. You can schedule a time when you want to record live television. Or you can manual record by simply pressing the red record button. I recorded a short 30 seconds of live TV and was impressed with the quality. I would say very close to near dvd quality recording.

FM Radio: One of nifty features this device has FM Radio. So when you’re not watching television then you can listen to FM Radio. Included is a FM Radio Antenna. Reception was excellent!

Conclusion: The AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB performs well at producing good quality video of digital and analog channels. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who has Windows XP Media Center or Windows Vista Media Center. It's simple to use and Media Center pretty much guides you through the way. If you want a external usb2.0 tuner that can view both both analog (NTSC) and digital (ATSC) HD OTA broadcasts, has hardware encoding in mpeg2, and has fm radio to boot then take a look at the AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB.

Rating 9.0 out of 10

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Buck Metro LED Knife Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Compact, ergonomically shaped knife
You never know when a good knife will come in handy. Perhaps you're caught in the middle of an unexpected zombie attack or you're sitting down to dine on a tasty Porterhouse armed only with a Titanium spork. Either of these scenarios would be considerably improved with the presence of a trusty blade, and we think you should never be unprepared ever again.

This compact, ergonomically shaped knife with a built-in LED bulb is keychain friendly, so it can be with you at all times. The stainless steel blade folds in to create a knife that is only 2.5" in length when closed. The LED light features an auto shut-off after 3 minutes and runs on two CR-1616 lithium batteries (included). Built-in lanyard hole for easy keychain attachment.

* Stainless steel frame with nylon sides
* Blade Steel: 420J2 Stainless Steel
* Size: 2.5" L x 1.5" W x .375" H (closed)
* Blade Length: 1.25" (3.2 cm)
* Weight: 1.5 oz. (42.5 g)

Intro: Anything I can put on my keychain in my opinion comes in very handy. I use my Inka keychain pen everyday when I go to the post office to write off an address label. Another keychain device I was looking for is a small keychain knife since I open boxes daily for review units.

Design & Function: Small, compact, the Buck Metro LED Knife is a go anywhere tool. It has a metal lanyard hole so you can attach this to your keychain. When closed it has an oval shape. When you need the knife you just take two fingers and open the knife. There is a metal bracket that slide over to lock the knife from folding back in. You simply slide it to the side and you can close the knife again. The Buck Metro LED Knife also comes with a bright LED light that uses two CR-1616 lithium batteries. This works out great at night when I opening my car or house door.

Conclusion: Very convenient is how I described the Buck Metro LED Knife. Everyone is in the situation at some time when they need to open a package or box and need a knife. And with the addition of the LED light for emergency blackouts or at night when you can't see makes the Buck Metro LED Knife a good value and essential for carrying around.

Rating 8.5 out of 10

Buy it now at

Leather Case for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet - Book Type (Black) Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
US $28.00

Contains 2 memory card slots.
Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use.
White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.

Intro: Nokia recently released the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. The second generation upgrades many of the features of the previous Nokia 770. But one key feature was left off, the cover. Sure the N800 comes with a pouch but it’s far from ideal and very basic. Fortunately there are third party manufactures who produce cases for the N800 such as PDAIR who provides excellent cases with a solid reputation of quality.

Design & Features: Pdair makes the best leather cases around. I found other cases from other manufactures end up having wrong dimensions and ending up pulling and tugging the electronic in. This is not the case with Pdair case. It’s just the perfect fit. And the white stitching contrast to the black leather nicely. The case uses magnetic studs for easy opening and closing of the case. Also included are two slots for your memory cards. The only negative thing I have to say is that the built in stand on the N800 is not useable in the case.

Conclusion: The Leather Case for Nokia N800 Book Type is one of the best cases available for the N800. Not only does it protect the N800 it maintains most functions while in the case and has adds quite of bit of style and class to the N800.

8.9 out 10

Purchase the Leather Case for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet - Book Type(Black) now at Siemshop

Pdair Leather Case for Nokia N95 - Flip Type (Black) Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
$ 34.95

Removable 360 degrees belt clip included.
Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use.
White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.

Included: Pdair Leather Case for Nokia N95 - Flip Type (Black), Gift box, belt clip.

Intro: The Nokia N95 is the hottest phone available. At $750 the phone is not cheap. And to protect that investment make sure to get a good case. Sure there are cheap plastic cases available but in my opinion there is nothing better than a quality leather case that exudes luxury that the phone presents. Enter Pdair and their Leather Case for Nokia N95 - Flip Type (Black).

Design: The case is made of genuine top quality leather. The color is all black smooth leather with white stitching. I can't say enough about the design. It fits the N95 snug with little to no bulk added. The best way to describe it is "Perfect". This case was made for the N95. And anyone who gets it will not be disappointed.

Function: Installation was very simple. Simply slide in the N95 inside the case. There is a support on the left, right and bottom and testing it there is little chance to no chance of the phone falling out. What’s great about this particular case is that you can use both sliders inside the case. Almost all the buttons and controls are accessible except for the camera on the back. Which the case does not have a cut out for.

Conclusion: If your looking for a case for your Nokia N95 there is no better than the Pdair Leather Case for Nokia N95 - Flip Type (Black). I use it and so should you. It's an exceptional case among the cheap no brand ones that last about a week.

Purchase this now HERE

9.5 out of 10

Hearing Components comply NR-10 High Tech Noise Reduction Earphones Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

NEW pocket-sized Comply™ NR10 Earphones offer superior noise reduction. An upgrade from the popular NR1 model, these top quality earphones now provide 48dB of noise reduction to virtually block out jet engine noise, and have their own volume control for customized audio sound. The soft memory foam tips conform to your ear canals for the ultimate in comfort while allowing sound of unparalleled quality to flow through. Includes two slim and two standard replacement ear tips, and a padded storage pouch. Made by Hearing Components, experts in ear canal technology. (3 x 3 x ½" in pouch)


Frequency Range: 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Cable Length: 43"
Plug Type: 1/8" (3.5 mm)
Gold-Plated Stereo Plug
Slide Volume Control
Earphone - Made in China
Comply Canal Tips - Made in Oakdale, MN

Amazing noise reduction at an average of 48 dB or better

Supreme in-the-ear comfort so soft you'll forget you're wearing them

Secure fit and connection in the ear

Proven in high noise environments
Our Canal Tips are standard issue for US Army helicopter crews and used by the Special Elite Forces

In the package:
Comply NR-10 Earphones w/Volume Control
1 pair of standard-size Canal Tips
1 pair of slim-size Canal Tips
And a carrying pouch

Intro: I have always been on the lookout for more comfortable earphones as most out there simple are not comfortable in ear. Because of that I have been using Sony full-size studio headphones to listen to my music. But they are not practical outside the house. So I have been searching for the perfect earphones that provide good quality sound yet also don’t hurt the ears after a couple hours of use.

Design: These look like your ordinary earphones that you see all the time. Made of glossy black plastic. What set it apart are the foam Canal Tips that go inside your ear. Also the earphones has a volume control on its cord.

Function: The NR-10 produces a warmer sound and is heavy on bass. Along with providing great sound isolation using the Canal Tips.

Conclusion: I just found the most comfortable earphones and its named is Hearing Components Comply NR-10 earphones. I have to admit after just one weeks use there are my favorite pair of earphones I own. Not just for the comfort but also the good quality sound when you pair them with your mp3 player. And at $80 they rival earphones that sell for $100-$150 from other makers. Good value, great comfort and excellent sound one more can you ask for in a pair of earphones.

Rating 9.2 out of 10

To purchase click HERE

Martin Fields Screen Protector for Nokia N95 Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Offers a crystal-clear view that is unbelievably thin, measuring .2 millimeters (.007874 inches) thick, packed with 99% UV light protection and anti-scratch protection. What was really impressive is that this screen protection is totally unlike the competition because it has Very light adhesives that are undetectable! Incredibly, these overlays are even made to be reusable and washable. All of these screen protectors are laser cut to fit your specific device to perfection.

Intro: I have a sort of love/hate relationship with screen protectors. While they do protect my electronic devices there also a pain to apply and look worse when put on. Fortunately I had the pleasure to review the Martin Fields Screen Protector, which change my opinion. Before I purchase cheap no brand screen protectors off ebay. These pieces of plastic left residue when taken off, had terrible air bubbles all over, and distorted the screen. The Martin Fields screen protectors has none of this.

Function and Design: First and foremost with the Martin Fields Screen Protector applied to the Nokia N95 provides a pristine crystal clear view of the screen. This is what bothers me with other screen protectors. They tend to blur the screen when applied which not the case with the Martin Fields branded screen protector. 2nd the Martin Fields Screen Protector is reusable and washable. Also the screen protector is very scratch resistant and uses a mild adhesive that won’t leave a residue when you remove it.

Conclusion: I dare say the Martin Fields brands of screen protectors are the best available screen protectors available on the market. For its price I find the purchase a sound investment to protect your phone's screen from looking used and abused.

9.8 out of 10

Purchase this item now at only $12.95 HERE is an authroized reseller for Martin Fields Overlays & accessories.

Krusell Dynamic Multidapt® Nokia N95 Leather Case Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Some phones with added attributes and functionality require a case with more detail than our regular model specific cases. The Dynamic line is therefore Krusell's most sophisticated line of cases. Each case is precisely designed to obtain functionality given by the actual device. If you’re looking for a state of the art design that is manufactured with detail, then you will be delighted with Krusell's Dynamic design.

This case comes packaged with a Slide Swivel Kit.

All Krusell cases carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Intro: When I think of purchasing cases for my electronics I think of the short list of top end manufactures. Krusell is one of them. Their cases exude sophistication!

Installation: Unlike other cases I have used installation is a very simple. Take you Nokia N95 and slide it into the plastic pouch in the case. It is a tight fit to prevent the phone from falling out. Finally snap the metal button to the top. Next you install the clip. This model comes with the Multidapt® - Slide Swivelkit that clips on to your belt and rotates 360 degrees.

Design: The Nokia N95 is a beautiful phone. Yet most of the leather cases available on the market cover up the screen. With the Krusell case you are able to see the screen viewable through the clear plastic cover. Also the case is handcrafted with genuine leather and includes the Multidapt® - Slide Swivelkit (Also interchangeable of a host of other clips available.)

Function: All of the functions are retain in the phone while using it in the case.

Conclusion: The Dynamic Multidapt® Nokia N95 leather case is top notch. In terms of looks, design, durability, and protection this case delivers. The patented Multidapt clip system is innovative and stands out from other cases. Also with the lifetime warranty you know Krussell stands by their product. Go get this case right now!

9.0 out of 10

To purchase this item click HERE

Krusell International AB is a Swedish company exporting high-end leather cases to more than 50 countries around the world. Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. is the world's largest & most trusted authorized Krusell dealer in the world. All Krusell cases purchased from are covered by a Lifetime Warranty!