Monday, August 15, 2011

Verbatim TUFF-CLIP™ 4GB USB Drive - Turquoise Review

Looking for a portable USB drive that’s tough enough for backpacks or key rings? Check out the new Verbatim TUFF-CLIP™ USB Drive. This rugged flash drive clips onto backpacks, belt loops or even notebooks. With an easy slider that protects the USB connector, the TUFF-CLIP™ USB drive is super durable and great for music, videos, school projects or photos. It also offers a password security feature that ensures you’re the only one who can access your important information. This drive is enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™ for Windows 7 and Vista users. With the Verbatim TUFF-CLIP™ USB drive, just clip and carry your files with you!

Features & Benefits

* Portable USB drive with rugged clip for backpacks or key rings
* Durable easy slider protects USB connector
* Password security feature for privacy protection
* Enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™
* Works with all USB connections
* Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000, Mac OS 9.x or higher, Linux kernel 2.6x or higher
* Available in either 4GB or 8GB

Intro: I own several dozen flash drives around the house. And most seem to take a lot of wear. So I was looking for a durable drive that I can take with me anywhere. This is when I came upon the Verbatim Tuff Clip.

Design: The 4GB model comes in Turquoise while the 8GB comes in black. The plastic looks to be very durable. Instead of a separate cap that might get lost. The top plastic pushes forward to cover the usb connection. The clip on the other end can be hooked up to your backpack or pants belt loop.

Function: The 4GB of space is good enough to hold your essential MP3, pictures, and video cilps. It features enhanced Windows ReadyBoost. And even includes password protection. The drive can work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Except password protection and Readyboost will only work with Windows operating systems. The drive is fast enough when I transferred a 700mb video file it only took a few minutes. Photos and MP3s transfer almost instantly.

Conclusion: If your current flash drive is just not tough enough then take a look at the Verbatim Tuff clip. It is a great durable drive that I plan to take with me anywhere and everywhere and won't worry about it breaking down or getting lost. With the Lifetime warranty you can't go wrong. And the prices are good for what you’re getting. Plus the password protection gives consumers extra security.

9 out of 10

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