Thursday, August 11, 2011

ATP ToughDrive Review


To hold your most important data, hard drives are out and flash memory disks are in. They have no moving parts. And can secure your most important data. But with the 100s of different flash drives it's hard to decide which one to get. Here is the ATP ToughDrive and will it be tough enough for you as a consumer who might put it to the test in the harshest condition.

The ATP ToughDrive is a rugged designed USB Drive that is also waterproof and shockproof. The one I received had a Camoflauged design and 2GB model(Goes up to 8GB). It also features a rubberized texture that protects the drive from falls, drops, and being run over. It is made to be tough for the most extreme conditions. Other than the cap being a little on the loose side it features high build quality that would seem to last forever. The outing casing is less likely to scratch due to the rubber coating. The build quality and style of this drive is excellent.

In tests I put this in a glass of water fully submerged in hours. When dried off it's still kept on working just a new as can be. Also since I live in the harsh midwest cold weather I threw the drive into a foot of snow and left it their for hours. Came back connected it to my computer and once again it came through. This shows me that this drive is built to last and take alot of abuse and still work. Also when transfering videos, photos and documents the thumb drive was quite speedy. Performing better than most of my other usb drives.

The ATP ToughDrive is one of the best solutions for those who need something more than your normal plastic cheaply made USB Drive. It features technology that will keep your data protected from the elements. If you work in a job that requires you to be in elements then this USB Drive is for you. With an attractive look, solid performance, and durability to last a lifetime, the ToughDrive is one serious contender for my money when you need to backup your most important files on the go.

Very Durable
Built to last
Rubber Coated - Less likely of scratches
Good speed for file transfers
Waterproof a big plus
Fast and reliable

Loose Cap

9 out of 10

ATP AF8GUFT1BK-SE Camo 8GB ToughDrive (Black)

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