Monday, August 15, 2011

Jaybird Tiger Eyes Earbuds w/ Microphone Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

The Tiger Eyes earbuds feature 8mm high performance neodymium drivers. JayBird pushed the limits of acoustics to produce the balance of sound an athlete needs to push through the next barrier. Great bass, crystal clear clarity and presence of sound you'll swear your listening live.

Engineered for those who enjoy rich, true to life sound with exceptionally warm bass. Surround yourself with your favorite music and experience it like never before. Turn it up and work-out with perfect sound isolation.

The Tiger Eyes include a mic with answer and volume control for use with iPhone or any other phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Music fades out while you take your call and fades back in when you're done.

"Spare no expense" was the mantra for the Tiger Eyes Earbuds. They feature a special titanium coating over the speaker diaphragms. The result? ... you've just got to witness them to be a believer of how astounding and true to life the sound reproduction really is. The titanium coating contributes to a clear, crisp, true to life experience.

Additionally, regular speaker diaphragms deteriorate over time and get muffled just like the standard speaker diaphragms in a car. This becomes even more pronounced with personal audio products used for sports with sweat and moisture exposure. Most athletes don't realize the deterioration over time. Titanium protection mean they keep pumping out the bass year after year without distortion. The Tiger Eyes may very well be the last earphones you'll ever buy.

JayBird extends a LIFETIME warranty against sweat on all products. We back your committment as an the athlete so use them as you like.

Run in the rain, what ever, we've got you covered.

Okay now that I have reviewed the Jaybird Endorphin headphones, now I put my sight on the Jaybird Tiger Eyes earphones with mic. The Tiger eyes are similar to the Endorphin only it has a microphone for phone and media/phone controls.

Design: Both the Endorphin and Tiger Eyes come in box that usually offered for high end mp3 players like the iPod Touch or Zune. This makes it ideal for gift giving or stocking stuffers. The earphones are built solid with a thick cord and comfortable earpieces. The earphones have a physical volume control slider.

Function: With the Tiger Eyes geared toward the iPhone and other Smartphone’s, the Tiger Eyes has slightly lower sound and bass then the Endorphin earphones. The sound clarity seems to be good for me and the person on the other line. This is due to the titanium drivers that make these sound better. The earphones also come with a lifetime warranty against sweat.

Conclusion: This is a must for anyone who owns an iPhone 3GS. It has the sound quality and build quality to last while offering up phone controls to talk with friends and family. So if you need an earphone and mic then the Tiger Eyes is the better choice. For Touch2 owners the Endorphin will likely be better. Though you can use the Tiger eyes for your iPods. Plus it's $10 cheaper than the Endorphin earphones. In the end you won't be disappointed by these under $100 Tiger Eyes earphone with mic.

9 out 10

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