Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laptop Sweater

If you put a dog in a sweater why not your Macbook. Here is a Laptop Sweater to keep your laptop all warm during the winter. Price is $20.

Product Page HERE

Ebay's New Search Experience sucks!

Have been to Ebay lately? Well their new search engine has been testing for awhile. And will be implemented sometime in April. Right now people can opt out(though you have to opt out everytime you go on Ebay because at least for me Ebay somehow opts in everytime I close my browser). If you check the official forums you have alot of pissed off Ebay users. Seems Ebay will be going down fast.

I hope someone like Google starts Google Auctions so Ebay can finally up their game. Look what Gmail did to free email. Now most of the services offer at least 1gig of free email. Before Google got in the game we all had 2mb hotmail accounts.

Hotelicopter an April Fools Joke

Every April fools day all these companies big and small on the internet throw some wild hoaxes on products and other things that don't make sense. Hotelicopter is one of them though the internet caught wind of it a week before April 1st. So next year when April 1st comes around don't belive anything the internet tells you.

via Business Week

Monday, March 30, 2009

Western Digital buy SSD company

Seems like Western Digital wants in on SSD. The leader in hard drives may finally offer up some SSDs for consumers. The acquisition cost $65 million and is effective immediately. SiliconSystems will be making the SSDs and Western Digital will most likely rebrand them their own. Hopefully with Western Digital and Seagate jumping into SSD we should see some price dropping in the future for SSDs all around.

via Slashgear

No more Pleo

According to Ryan Block on twitter Ugobe may be down for the count with their expensive robot toy Pleo. No official word yet and nobody and Ugobe seems to be answering the phone.

via Engadget

Apple MacBook 13.3" MB881LL/A (C2D 2.0ghz, 2GB DDR2, 120GB HD, 8X DVD +/- RW, 9400M) $799AR **Starts 3/30**

Price should change in the tomorrow morning. Rebate is from MicroCenter.

$999 - $200 MIR (from MicroCenter) = $799

Order it now HERE

Sunday, March 29, 2009

HP 2140 goes HD on April 6th?

Take this with a grain of salt since talking to customer service sometime gets misinformation. But according to Digifitti a customer service rep stated April 6 is when you can purchase the higer rez 1366×768 LCD screen. Also they mention it will only be a $25 upgrade fromt the standard editions.

via Digifitti

First look at Foxit's eSlick eReader

Everyone knows about the Amazon Kindle2 Release. Well their was another eReader released recently. The Foxit eSlick Reader recently sold out of it's first batch of readers(more stock on or around April 10). But a few who already order early got theirs now. A member of GearDiary was one of them. Check out the first look pics.

via GearDiary

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sigma DP2 for preorder

The so hot Sigma DP2 camera is available for preorder at $649. Expect this to be release around May.

Preorder Page HERE

Hotelicopter: The World's First Flying Hotel

Who would think that combining a helicopter with a hotel would be something people would want to ride. This sound like it belongs in a bad sci fi film. But it's for real and the inaugural flight is set to take place on June 26th for an undisclosed price.

via Hotelicopter

Proven to be an April Fools Day Hoax

5.0" LCD 372MHz CPU Windows CE 5.0 Bluetooth + GPS Navigator with 2GB Maps SD Card

- Ultra portable PND (portable navigation device) GPS
- Built-in bluetooth wireless, works as a bluetooth handsfree device
- Features rich multimedia features
- 5.0" ultra large vibrant color TFT touch screen LCD
- 480 x 272 pixels wide screen resolution and aspect
- Powered by Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 (English) operating system
- CPU: Centrality Atlas-III 372MHz (super fast GPS response)
- 64MB program memory
- Features a 900mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
- SiRF-III GPS, tracks up to 12 satellites at the same time
- Comes with a 2GB SD flash memory card
- Manufacturer bundles iGo USA maps
- Other Win CE compatible mapping software can be installed on to SD cards and get launched with the GPS device (shell/launcher allows specifying the location and executable name of your custom GPS program)
- SD slot supports card up to 8GB in size
- Doubles as MP3 player, MP4 player, eBook reader, picture alumn browser, etc
- Features many Windows CE games
- Playback formats: WMV9, MPEG4, Divx5.0, Xvid, MPEG2, Wmv, asf, AVI, MP4, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG (JPG images up to 1280 * 960 resolution)
- Launcher (shell) languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkey, Czech
- Windows CE supports ActiveSync with desktop/laptop PCs
- Included accessories: 2GB SD card with i-Go USA (manufacturer bundled), 100V~240V USB AC charger, 2.5mm stereo earphones, USB data sync and charging cable, DC 12V~24V Car charger, windshield mount, and stylus
- English user's guide included

Product Page HERE

Attack of the clones TiPhone is a iPhone Clone

Here is yet another iPhone Clone to add to the list. The TiPhone may be the best iPhone clone to date. But really is that saying much.

via Chinese Engadget

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ultimateaddons 8.9-10.2 Netbook Shoulder Bag Case

Ultimateaddons 8.9" - 10.2" Netbook Shoulder Bag Case. The Ultimateaddons netbok bag is made of high quality and durable 1000D Nylon outside and light weight 420D nylon inside. Providing maximum protection to your valuable Netbook against dust, scratches and bumps.

There is a velcro strap inside the main compartment can help you to secure the Netbook in place.

This is an ideal netbook bag for any netbook user who has a 8.9"-10.2" netbook.

This Ultimateaddons 8.9" - 10.2" Netbook Shoulder Bag Case will hold your 8.9" or 10.2" netbook safely and securely and give you plenty of room for your netbook accessories. You can easily carry your external drives and more netbook accessories in this netbook shoulder bag.

Product Page HERE

iPhone 3G now available contract free

Now you can get your iPhone 3G contract free(but still locked to AT&T service) for a price though. The 8GB models are going for $599 and 16GB ones for $699. You walk in and buy it now at AT&T or Apple Stores.

via Engadget

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smart Q5 Specs release

The cheap MID from China looks like it's closer to release with final specs shown. This media player/MID features 667MHz ARM11 processor, 1GB storage, 256MB available to user, SD slot for up to 32GB of space, and 2,000mAh battery.

Full specs below
* 1GB storage, 256MB available to user
* 667MHz ARM11 processor
* SD expansion slot (up to 32GB)
* 2,000mAh battery
* 4.3-inch WVGA (800 x 480) display
* USB On-The-Go (OTG)
* Bluetooth 2.0
* 120 x 74 x 14mm; about 160g
* WiFi (not confirmed, but assumed)
* Linux OS

via UMPCPortal

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Foxit eSlick first prototype video

The Foxit eSlick has done well enough to sell out it's first shipment. You can order the second shipment which is slated for April 10 on their site HERE If your an Anti-Kindle then you maybe intersted in the eSlick for less money.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The ultimate sub-notebook case solution. The new mini Shuttle is everything you need in a compact sleeve and nothing more. The mini Shuttle provides full-time protection for the computer plus efficient organization for power adapter, cables and flash drives. Perfect for the growing number of users who appreciate the lightweight versatility of the latest generation of sub-notebook computers. Elegant simplicity is combined with full-time protection.

Product Page HERE

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Woodees Inner-ear Sound Isolating Stereo Earphones

For iPod & MP3 Players.

Wood Sounds Richer
Much of music is created with instruments made from natural wood from a finely tuned Steinway piano or Stravinsky violin to classic Fender Stratocaster guitars. The low resonance characteristics of wood provide for efficient, clean, rich reproduction of music which is why all of the most high end home speakers are made of wood. Simply tap on something metal or plastic and then tap on something made of wood, and you will instantly hear the resonance differences between those materials. So, it is only “natural” to create quality earphones from wood. Woodees!

The finest musical instruments have always been made from wood. Woodees from iConnects deliver pure and natural listening pleasure. Wood sounds amazing–nothing beats its deep bass, rich range of sound and inherent low resonance. And for your money, nothing beats Woodees. These natural wood earphones bring out a dense, polished listening experience from your mp3 player. And at about half the price of comparable high-end ear buds, you’re getting the best sound at the best price.

The cord is made with a very low durometer resin that creates a soft, pliable cord that does not develop “memory coil” or kinks when stowed. Additionally, because of the soft nature of the cord the static noise created when the cord brushes against your clothing while walking or jogging does not transfer to the earphone like with the harder plastic cords.

Woodees. Give your ears a pair today.

*Natural wood housing for deep bass sound
*Solid construction with small form factor, lightweight
*Soft cable for easy management
*3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with all music players
*Fashion-consciouse, ergonomic lightweight design
*Noise-isolating inner ear fit
*Four pairs extra silicone buds for customized fittings (XS/S/M/L)
*Compatible with iPod and all music devices with 3.5mm earphone jack

Product Page HERE

Peek offers business pack

Peek a company that I didn't think had a chance with their email handheld is still alive and being creative trying to drum up sales in this climate. Their new deal is pack of five peek devices for $149.95.

via PeekforBusiness

8GB MP3/MP4 1.8" Media Player - FM Recorder

The V-Bop is a sleek, slender and stylishly slim player. It's one of our hottest selling players. Don't let the compact size of the player turn you away; this player is packed with more features then your average player. It even comes with silicone skins that allow you to customize your Visual-Land player to your liking and added a little protection the player.

Videos and pictures are displayed through the 1.8" Anti-Scratch True Color screen that displays over 65,000 colors with amazing clarity and depth. Videos and movie files can be seamlessly converted from your computer and placed onto your Visual-Land player and you'll have portable video entertainment at your demand no matter where you're at.

Along with the video features, this player still includes all the features you've come to expect from Visual-Land. MP3 and WMA audio files are accurately reproduced thanks to the player's built-in-sound equalizer then through the supplied high quality stereo headphones or built-in speaker. If you're not in the mood for watching a video or listening to your audio files, you can always tune into your local FM radio station, with the built-in FM tuner, and scan the stations for news or traffic reports at your convenience. If you attend school or have work meetings, your player has a built-in microphone that will allow you to easily record the lecture or conversation with just one hit of a button, and you can easily play it back at a later time at your convenience.

All data are stored onto the built-in Flash. The device also functions as a Flash Memory Drive, so you can carry nearly any file you want, along with all your favorite songs! The player's built-in battery is powered by state of the art, Lithium-Ion technology, allowing for you to get the most life out of your player. As always, the flash memory is in a solid-state, meaning that there are no moving parts so there will be no skipping like a hard drive based player. What this means is that you is that you do not have to worry about your music skipping, making it perfect for any outdoor activities.

Product Page HERE

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Samsung P3 reviewed

Jenn K Lee got her hands on the Samsung YP-P3 Mp3 player. And has very positive things to say about this player. Calling it the hands-down best digital media player Samsung has ever made. Period.

Read entire review HERE

Baby Panda

Were you a panda cam fan back in the Panda boom of 2006? This adorable baby panda is the perfect gift for yourself. Pet and play with it, and it responds, just like Tai Shan used to as a baby! The more you hold, the happier it becomes, and it moves with increasing speed.

Cute, fluffy, and high tech all in one!

Product Page HERE

Coveroo offering laser engraved iPods themes

Coveroo has a wide selection of laser engraving designs for sale. You can choose from such awesome themes as Obama, Family Guy, Simpsons, and more...

Check out the website for more info HERE

iPhone 2G/3G external battery (1900 mAh) - $11.99 shipped

If your looking for a cheap external battery for the 2g/3g iPhones. Then here is one from Dealextreme for $11.99. Compared to the $99 ones from other companies it's a bargain.

- 1900mAh built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery
- Provides extra power to iPhone 2G/3G and the latest iPod models
- Extends stand by and usage time
- Recharged by iPhone/iPod chargers
- Fully recharges in 4 hours

Product Page HERE

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fly-Goodbye Pistol

Instead of a fly swatter how bout this Fly-Goodbye Pistol. It uses a type of clue in the tube that sucks the fly into it. You would have to be pretty near to use it. So in my opinion I would stick to the good old fly swatter instead.

via ChipChick

The Matrix Watch

Dealextreme has the Matrix Watch. Obviously inspired by the movie The Matrix. This watch states that it features unique Matrix style falling/dropping numbers and Multiple number falling modes.

Product Page HERE

Man with USB Finger Drive

Jerry Jalava a Finnish software developer lost part of his finger in a motorcycle accident last July. Well apparently the doctor knowing Javala hacking history suggested putting a 2GB thumbdrive inside the fake finger.

via Crave

Griffin WindowSeat - $15.99 shipped

WindowSeat mounts your iPhone or 2nd generation iPod touch at eye level on your car’s windshield or dashboard, putting all of your street maps, directions (and more) within view and easily within reach.

WindowSeat’s mounting bracket grips your iPhone or iPod touch securely, and allows angle adjustment for easy viewing. A convenient corner-release lets you easily detach your device when you arrive at your destination; WindowSeat stays locked in position, ready for the next time you use it.

Product Page HERE

RC Flying Cockroach

For $59.99 you too can own a flying Cockroach. Gizmine is offering up this unique device.

The remote control also acts as a docking station, allowing you to charge the insect. A 30 minute charge yields five minutes of flying.

Specifications: 5.7x3.4x3.5 inches (145 x 87 x 90mm), requires 6 AA batteries.

Product Page HERE

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Samsung Q2 MP3 Player

Samsung has released an update to the Q1 MP3 player. Here is a list of the specs:


* Capacity: 8 or 16GB
* Display: 2.4" TFT (320 x 240)
* Audio: MP3, WMA, Ogg, FLAC/DNS 3.0 Sound engine
* Video: WMV, MPEG-4
* FM Tuner and Voice Recorder
* Extras: Text, Games
* Battery Life: 50 hours for audio, 4 hours for video
* Dimensions: 1.93" x 3.98" x 0.39"
* Colors: Black or White

Product Page HERE

via Dapreview

Apple iPhone 3.0 OS event March 17th

Apple is holding an event March 17th to show off it's new 3.0 software OS for the iPhone. BoyGenius info got this info

* Tethering via Bluetooth and USB

via BoyGeniusReport

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apricorn new pocketable Aegis Mini 240gb 1.8 inch hard drive

The Aegist Mini 240GB 1.8 inch hard drive is small and compact. Easy to carry in a pocket. Available in both usb 2.0 and firewire. Prices is $269 and $279.

via BusinessWire

Apple redesigned 4GB Shuffle

Apple has released the new Shuffle that is redesigned with 4GB of storage. What's special about this new player. Well it has VoicOver which speaks out the song that's playing and call out playlist making the lack of screen a little better. Available in black or silver for $80.

VoiceOver in English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

via ENgadget

Monday, March 09, 2009

Linux ported to MP4 player

Looks like someone has ported Linux to the Onda VX747. We should soon see other MP4 players with Linux OS.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Peek sells better with lifetime service

Peek has found out that consumers prefer to pay a higher upfront price than pay a monthly fee. That's why the lifetime subscription for $399 one time fee is selling better than the $44 plus monthly fee.

via Engadget

Monday, March 02, 2009


Fast access and convenient use is the key to getting the most out or your mobile devices. The New MobileRiser stands up your cell phone, iPhone, iPod or other mobile devices for viewing at a convenient 75°viewing angle. Easily stand up any mobile device. So thin you won't even know it's there. Watch movies on your iPhone or iPod or just see who's calling faster. At $4.95 the Mobile Riser promises to be your most valuable cell phone accessory.

Product Page HERE