Thursday, August 11, 2011

Woodees Inner Ear Sound Isolating Stereo Earphones with Mic Review


***Review was from prepreduction sample. Packaging and logos will be different in retail product.***

For iPhone & 2G/3G Smartphones.

Wood Sounds Richer
Much of music is created with instruments made from natural wood from a finely tuned Steinway piano or Stravinsky violin to classic Fender Stratocaster guitars. The low resonance characteristics of wood provide for efficient, clean, rich reproduction of music which is why all of the most high end home speakers are made of wood. Simply tap on something metal or plastic and then tap on something made of wood, and you will instantly hear the resonance differences between those materials. So, it is only “natural” to create quality earphones from wood. Woodees!

The finest musical instruments have always been made from wood. Woodees from iConnects deliver pure and natural listening pleasure. Wood sounds amazing–nothing beats its deep bass, rich range of sound and inherent low resonance. And for your money, nothing beats Woodees. These natural wood earphones bring out a dense, polished listening experience from your mp3 player. And at about half the price of comparable high-end ear buds, you’re getting the best sound at the best price.

The cord is made with a very low durometer resin that creates a soft, pliable cord that does not develop “memory coil” or kinks when stowed. Additionally, because of the soft nature of the cord the static noise created when the cord brushes against your clothing while walking or jogging does not transfer to the earphone like with the harder plastic cords.

The microphone (compatible with iPhone/Smartphone 2G/3G) is small, balanced, lightweight, and sleek so as not to distract from the comfort of wearing the earphones. With a gentle squeeze of the mic, the music is paused and the mic is activated for hands free talk. Another squeeze and the call is terminated and the music resumes where you left off.

Woodees. Give your ears a pair today.

*Natural wood housing for deep bass sound
*Solid construction with small form factor, lightweight
*Soft cable for easy management
*3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with all music players
*Fashion-consciouse, ergonomic lightweight design
*Noise-isolating inner ear fit
*Four pairs extra silicone buds for customized fittings (XS/S/M/L)
*Compatible with iPod and all music devices with 3.5mm earphone jack

I was looking for some premium earphones to replace my stock Apple earphones and came upon the Woodees earphones w/mic. This can be used with the iPhone or iPods. There is a cheaper model just for iPods that does not have a mic. The big sell on these earphones are the wooden housing that supposed to provide better sound than your average plastic ones.

Design – Right away you notice the wood housings that give it a distinct look. If your sick of the white and black earphones then the Woodees have a very different look to it to make you stand out from the crowd. The cord is made of very low durometer resin that make it less likely to tangle up. Included is 4 different size silicone ear buds so you can always get the perfect fit. Also included is a carrying bag. Overall excellent designed earphones with high quality parts that are built to last.

Features - The main feature of these earphones is the wood housing that provides clear naturally sounding The Woodees are not noise canceling but do provide isolation with proper fit. So less outside noise coming in. The Woodees also are much different from any other earphones. It really has a natural rich sound that you normally would not hear in other in ear earphones.

A few features for you to note involve the microphone. When you squeeze/click the mic it will pause the music and if you are on an iPhone/Smartphone it will answer the call and allow you to talk hands free. On most iPod/Touchs it will simply pause the music. Then when you click the mic again it will terminate the call and resume play of the music and on iPod/Touchs it will resume play. On the iPhone and some versions of iPod/Touch if you DOUBLE click the mic while listening to music it will advance to the next song. This functionality varies by iPod/Touch version.

Conclusions – The Woodees Inner-Ear Sound Isolating Stereo Earphones with Mic is an excellent value. And provides a premium upgrade from the stock Apple earphones/headset while not being too expensive. The wood housing provides better and richer sound. So music and everything else sound much better. Wood definately makes a difference and Woodees are the answer for your next headset purchase for your iPhone or Touch.

8.9 out of 10

The product will be delivered in April so check out the official website HERE

***Review was from prepreduction sample. Packaging and logos will be different in retail product.***

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