Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EFO Universal Traveler Adapter Review

This happens quite a few times when I buy gadgets from say Ebay. People in the U.S. forget that gadgets from other countries don't have the same plug as here in the states. That's why you need an adapter to charge the device.

EFO presents an easy solution for your international plugs. The EFO Universal Traveler Adapter 4 international plugs that most of the countries uses. This of course would be great for travelers. Say you’re traveling on a business trip to England. Well then this adapter comes in handy when you want to plug in your laptop or cell phone charger. On another travel you may be heading to Asia then you can use the same traveler adapter to charge your devices.

At only $5.50 this is cheaper than the $20 adapter I bought at Radio Shack. And radio shack only included on plug. The Universal Traveler has plugs for most countries. This is an absolute must for travelers. I recommend you buy one now.

9.7 Out of 10.

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