Thursday, April 28, 2011

SuperTooth Buddy

Introducing the SuperTooth Buddy a Bluetooth hands free car kit requiring no installation just clip it on your sun visor! Buddy is compact yet feature rich with full automatic pairing. You can even use up to two mobile phones simultaneously and when returning to your vehicle Buddy will automatically re connect to your mobile phone. With 20 hours of talk time and 40 days of stand by time you can count on Buddy for important calls. You will enjoy echo and noise free conversations due to a powerful speaker and DSP technology. Other features include: Volume Control Call waiting and Last call redial Voice recognition dialing (with supporting mobile phones). You can drive safe and un distracted with your new Buddy!

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SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone Car kit (Black)

Cake Mania [Game Download] Free download

Amazon has Cake Mania [Game Download] for free to download. This game is a $9.99 value.

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Cake Mania [Game Download]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II PS3 for $27.75

Amazon has Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collectors Edition PS3 for $27.75 with free shipping.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Renaissance Art iPad Cover Messenger Bag with Strap

Renaissance Art makes custom leather cases for all kinds of products. The iPad Cover is one that interests me. The case features an Indiana Jones style messenger bag. The case is priced at $165 and is available now in an assortment of colors.

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rogue Wallet Co. Passport Holder Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Those who travel internationally will love the Rogue Wallet Co. Passport Holder as it keeps all your essentials safe. The Passport Holder can carry your passport, spare cash, credit cards, ID cards, and more. In addition the Rogue Wallet Co. Passport Holder features WalletGuard RFID-blocking technology that will keep your personal data safe.

The Passport Holder is slim and made of high quality leather. The Holder comes in your choice of two colors and costs $40 each. I was surprised by just how thin and compact the Passport Holder is. Yet the Passport Holder has tons of space for all your essentials. The Passport pocket is a tight fit which keeps it from falling out. The four interior pockets provide plenty of space for cash and plane tickets to be stored. And finally the four credit card slot can hold my license and credit cards.

The Rogue Wallet Co. Passport Holder is a must for those who travel out of the country often on business trips. The quality of the Passport Holder is really nice with quality leather and stylish design. I highly recommend this to anyone who travels a lot and wants to stay organized.

9.7 Out of 10

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi-only Version Costs $349

Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi-only Version Costs $349 which is great alternative to the iPad. The Wifi version will start selling at COMPUSA starting April 10. Online retailers CompUSA, TigerDirect and Circuit City are offering the tablet for pre-order.

Former Engadget Editors to create new Gadget Site

We now know where the former editors of Engadget will be doing. They plan to startup a new gadget site that will launch this fall. The new site will be backed by SB Nation, a sports blog network.

If your keeping score here are the former Engadget editors who will be part of the new gadget site
Joshua Topolsky
Nilay Patel
Paul Miller
Joanna Stern
Ross Miller
Chris Ziegler
Justin Glow
Dan Chilton

Of course with all these departures Engadget had to hire new employees
Richard Lai
Myriam Joire
Christopher Trout
Dana Wollman
Brian Heater
Brett Terpstra
Paul Heuts

Friday, April 01, 2011

Just Cause 2 $19.99

Amazon has the PS3 & Xbox 360 Game Just Cause 2 for $20. Free shipping if you spend $25 or more.

Just Cause 2

Xbox 360
Just Cause 2