Thursday, August 11, 2011


Reviewed by KC Kim

Prima is pleased to introduce our newest Premium Leather iPhone Flip Case.

Made of Soft, Aniline Leather, the Prima iPhone Case continues the tradition of Fine Leather Form Fit Cases, at an affordable price. Dedicated fit for the iPhone.

This flip case will help protect your iPhone from the knocks and scratches of everyday life.

* Form Fit to comfortably house your iPhone
* Flap over protection
* 2 Credit Card Slots
* 2 SD Slots
* Magnetic Closure
* Available With or Without Removable Swivel Clip


This case available in the following colors:

* Black

Available with and without a belt clip.

Intro: I’m on a mission to find the best case for the iPhone. My previous two reviews were based on holster designs. While this will be first flip style leather case I review. Having reviewed two previous cases from Prima. I was looking forward to the opportunity to review the Prim Cases iPhone flip case.

Design: The Prima iPhone flip case is made up of the highest quality black leather with perfect black stitching. Unlike other cases the Aniline Leather is soft to the touch and feels nice in hand. In addition the padding doesn’t add much bulk to the case but can take a hit and keep the iPhone safe.

Features and functions: The iPhone fits perfect into the flip case. There were some issues though probably due to being a first generation case. The headphone jack opening was misaligning with the iPhone. Also there doesn’t seem to be an opening for the proximity sensor. Included is a removable belt clip. Other features include 2 credit card slots, 2 sd slot and magnetic closure.
Conclusion: I particular like the soft leather which feels better than any leather case I felt before. By far the best quality case in terms of build quality. There were some issues with first generation cases. And this case was also affected. There ways around these issues and fixes on the net. Hopefully some of the issues can be fixed by the manufacturer since now they have iPhone to fit the cases perfectly. Before they had to base the cases on specs on the net. Still overall this is a pretty good case for your iPhone.

7.5 out 10

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Update: Since this review PrimaCases has made modifications to improve on their cases.

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