Friday, August 19, 2011

BodyGuardz for Microsoft Zune HD Full Body Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

The Zune HD was recently released in the U.S. Unfortunately accessories are scarce at the moment. One of the most important elements of getting a new gadget is protecting it. Things that come to mind are a case and a good screen protector. BodyGuardz is one of the first to release screen protectors and full body protectors for the Zune HD. Here I review the BodyGuardz Full Body protector for Zune HD.

The BodyGuardz comes in a nice retail packaging. It includes not one but two complete sets. In addition the full body protector comes with a lifetime warranty.

Packed in the box is a card to remove bubbles, solution to make it easy to apply to the unit, and full body protectors. Also you can find instructional video on applying the protector on their site.

The full body protector comes in two pieces (front and back). They are smaller pieces that go in the small areas on the Zune HD. To apply it correctly use the solution and spray it when your peeling it off. Then apply the protector to the Zune HD and slide it in place. Then take the squeegee card to push out any excess solution. It didn't take me a long time to apply both sides of the protector. Since the Zune HD is damp from the solution you should wait a 24 hour period before turning on the unit.

The BodyGuardz for Zune HD is the must have protector for your new Zune HD. The BodyGuardz comes with everything included to protect your device. And it will keep your ZHD looking like new as long as it's on the device. I have used Bodyguardz protectors for awhile now and they offer some of the best protection for all my devices.

10 Out of 10

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