Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pineapple Rumble K Bone Conduction Earwoofers (Black) review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

This year will be the year of the tablets. And tablets, cell phones, MID's, mp3 players, portable gaming, and other mobile devices will be running cutting edge 3d games. Pineapple electronics has taken to produce a line of earwoofers that are geared towards these devices. With the announcement of the iPad, portable gaming will explode. And Pineapple Electronics will be there to provide the Earwoofers for better gaming experience.

The Rumble K Earwoofers are not your average earphones. They feature 2x the bass of normal earphones. The Earwoofers also feature bone conduction technology. It's sort of the rumble feature in controllers that are utilized in the earwoofers.

The Rumble K Earwoofers would pair well with the iPhone, iPad or PSP to bring a new experience to the user. When I heard about the iPad some hands on review mentioned that the built in speakers vibrate a little to get that full immersive experience. In the same way the Rumble K earwoofers gives you feedback when you tackle someone in Madden or crash your car in a racing game.

The Rumble K is different than any other earphone on the market. The Earwoofers bone conduction feature makes them unique for the latest devices like the iPad. I would highly recommend everyone give these a try. They are the perfect gaming Earwoofers that are also great for movie watching.

9 Out of 10

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Pineapple Rumble K Bone Conduction Headphone (Black)

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