Friday, July 28, 2006

Venzero Lifesaver

Venzero has unveiled it's 8GB usb stick with backup software as well as the device used as a mobile desktop(Ceedo Personal Edition ).

This tiny usb stick will feature:

8GB of storage space.

Backup Software
Let's face it with hard drive failures, viruses, computer crashes experts say to backup your vital documents and media before you end up losing them. I know first hand when my hard drive died on me and i was left without important media(personal pictures, archives, and documents) that i can never get back again. This is where Venzero lifesaver comes in. A convenient way to backup your PCs vital files.

Personal Mobile Environment
You can also use the Lifesaver as a PC on the go. Plug the USB drive into a PC or laptop anywhere your are(Work, Internet cafe, Airport terminal, friends computer) . And you can run programs, access documents, surf the internet, send and recieve emails. When your finish just unplugged it and the entire working environment goes with you.

IncludedVenzero Lifesaver(8gb)
Ceedo Personal Edition
Carrying case

Priced at $149 in the U.S.Release date Mid August.Details can be seen on the official website

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Venzero lilONE now official

Venzero has now officiallly announced the Venzero lilONE.

Official Specs are as follows:

Features:MusicMarker //You' re at a cafe, in a taxi or at a club and like the song you're hearing but don't know its name? Pressing the MusicMarker button will record a short audio clip with the built-in mic. Next time you sync your device we'll recognize the name of the song that you marked and we'll even point you in the right direction to download the media so that you can listen to it any time you like!

STORAGE //6 GB HDD memory for hundreds of songs, pictures and movies

MUSIC // Plays MP3/ WMA/ WAV

AUDIO // 6 Equalizer modes, SRS sound enhancement and 5 play modes

DISPLAY // 1,5" Display with 260.000 Colors for outstanding picture and video playback

VIDEO // Plays xvid Videoclips - Player-specific video format (software for video conversion provided)

VENZERO™ MULTIPASS// Enables download of Venzero MediaManager software and full access to MusicMarker functionality

Technical // Specifications

HDD // 6GB HDD Microdrive

AUDIO //Frequency range 20 Hz~20 kHz // Headphone output 15mW at 16Ω


POWER SUPPLY // USB Charging// Rechargeable battery Li-Polymer (up to 20h)

GENERAL // Dimensions 6,3 x 4,7 x 1,85 cm // 1,5" full color screen // Resolution 128 x 128 with 260.000 colors // Weight 73 g

MusicMarker TECHNOLOGY // Music Recognition System


Available for preorder NOW for $199 US

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Meizu M6 vs. Oracom UB-890

Dapreview has a couple of shots of the two upcoming flash players. Both the Meizu M6 and Oracom UB-890 has been getting a lot of hype through the blogosphere. Will they live up to the hype? Only time will tell but all indications say yes from early reports.

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Meizu Miniplayer Tv commericial

Check out the interesting commercial for the upcoming Meizu Miniplayer.


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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Meizu M6 User Reviewed at Dapreview

A user at dapreview has reviewed the Meizu M6. Check it out HERE

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Meizu M6 Buzz

Wow the Meizu M6 buzz has skyrocketed as of late. And im not surprised this product is everything I want in a personal media player.

The player comes with a solid feature list
Up to 4GB of memory
2.4" screen
a microphone plug for voice recording
FM support of some kind
USB support and MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA for audio, and Xvid for video
It has 20 hours of battery life for audio and 6 for video.

If you like to preorder head over to Miniplayer.INFO