Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Upgrade Dell Mini 9 SSD to 32GB for $99

Space is an issue with the Dell Mini 9. They only have 8GB and 16GB stock Dell Mini's. So if you want to add more space you have to look at third party sellers of SSD. MyDigitalDiscount offers a 32GB SSD drive for only a mere $99. Jkkmobile has done a nice review of the SSD drive.

Buy it now HERE

Pandora Preorder

It's finally here the Pandora of course. It's a made from the ground up portable game system. The Pandora will have a good helping of retro games through emulation and even support 3d games. Also having wifi and bluetooth to keep you connected. This very might be the most advance gaming system. Of course the price is a bit steep $329.99. But it's currently limited edition. 3,000 will be made total worldwide til next year.

You can Preorder now at the link HERE

Monday, September 29, 2008

3G iphone Clone - CiPhone i88i

It was bound to happen and now we see a clone of the 3G iPhone. Of course this clone does not have 3G since China does not have 3G yet. The CiPhone i88i features 3.5 inch touchscreen, tv-out, fm radio, java 2.0, and 2GB of memory.

Product Page HERE

Friday, September 26, 2008

Track and Map your packages

If your purchase something and just can't wait to receive it. Then you should have fun tracking the item. PackageMapping.com is site where you can track your UPS, USPS, Fedex, DHL, and Canadian Post packages. The great thing about this site is the point to point map to your destination. Know exactly how far your item is to you with the included google map drawing.

Check out PackageMapping.com

X-mini Max Portable Stereo Speakers by XM-I Pte LTD

I have previously reviewed the X-Mini capsule size external speaker. Well XM-I has come out with an even better speaker call the X-Mini Max. This speaker would be great for Mp3 players, Mp4 players, and Netbooks. These little speakers pack a punch and are like a subwoofer in a pocketsize shape.

via X-Mini

Thursday, September 25, 2008

10400mAh Replacement Lithium Battery Pack for Asus Eee

Dealextreme has a 10400mAh Replacement Lithium Battery Pack for Asus Eee 7/8/9-Series Laptops for less than $50 with free worldwide shipping.

- Thich high capacity heavy duty battery pack
- 10400mAh 7.4V (77Wh) ultra-high capacity for super long runtime hours per charge
- Operating temperature: 0'C ~ 60'C

Price: $49.90 free shipping

Check it out HERE

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Planet Metropolis unboxing Teclast M26

Planet Metropolis blog has posted an unboxing of the Teclast M26 OEM version. You can check out the full unboxing by visiting their blog HERE

Memorex Essential TravelDrive USB 2.0 HDD Review

Want a small external hard drive for your Dell mini 9, Asus EEE, or HP Mini-Note. Well then take a look at the Memorex Essential TravelDrive USB 2.0 HDD. We review it HERE and give our thoughts on this small external HDD.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Onda VX525 available for preorder

MP4global.com has the Onda VX525 available for preorder. You can order now and item will ship by October 9th (October 1-7 is Holiday in China). Pricing starts at $69 for 2gb, $79 for 4gb, and $89 for 8GB.

Preorder Page HERE

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Averatec Buddy coming to America

Averatec Buddy also known as the ECS G10IL will be coming to the U.S. in the near future. The US version will sell for $450 and include features such as 160gb hard drive twice as big as the Korean version or the MSI Wind.

via Liliputing

32GB iPhones on the way plus home activation?

Rumor is that Apple may bump up the capacity of the iPhone to 32GB matching up with the Apple iPod Touch. Another rumor is that you will soon be able to activate your iPhone at home instead of at an AT&T or Apple Store. This is only rumors so take it with a grain of salt.

via Engadget

Saturday, September 20, 2008

T-Mobile Dream spotted and photographed

Over at Mark "rizzn" Hopkins(associate editor @ mashable.com) personal blog he has pictures of what supposed to be the upcoming T-Mobile Dream. Hard to say if this is legit or not but we shall see soon enough as the press event is Tuesday at 10:30.

via rizzn's personal blog

Projects Watches announces new watches for Fall

Projects has announced a slew of new watches for this Fall. If your not familiar with Projects watches you will find a great selection of watches that you may see at the Museum of Modern Art. Each watch has great architecture and design that your not going to find at your local mall. These watches are different and stand out amongst other watches.

Here are the schedule release of watches
* Richard Gluckman SPARE WATCH; October 31st MSRP is $100
* Stanley Tigerman NOTCH WATCH, October 31st. MSRP is $100
* Richard Meier, HIGH MUSEUM WATCH, November 5th MSRP is $135
* Alex Garzon, TRYO WATCH, October 31st. MSRP is $120

Check them out at ProjectsWatches.com

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 now shipping in U.S.

(Image credit zinite)
Those who preordered early are seeing their Dell Mini 9's show up at their doorstep. Some before their estimated delivery time. So that is a good sign. I ordered on the 12th so I hope there is a chance it ships earlier than 9/29/08.

via NotebookReview

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Zunes colors

ZuneBoards has uncovered new Zunes colors that they found in Zune 3.0 software. You may see future Zune120 in Blue as well as White. So if you hate the all black Zune120 you may wait for these new colors to emerge.

via ZuneBoards

Saturday, September 13, 2008

QVC sells Dell Inspiron Mini 9

This is the first time I have seen a Netbook show up on tv. And here it is on QVC. Though the price is alot to be desired. They are selling it for $579 with a three year warranty.

Product Page HERE

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dell Mini 9 now shipping

Dell has started shipping their first netbook. Here you see one lucky person from the site 0xyg3n.com who has gotten their Dell Mini 9 equipped with Windows XP.


2G Apple iPod Touch unboxing and short review

If you purchased the new 2nd generation Apple iPod Touch then you should be receiving it soon. I was quite surprise to get an early morning visit from the Fedex guy considering the tracking stated that it would arrive tommorrow.

Firt impression... To go allow with the Go Green campaign Apple's new Touch comes in the plastic packaging that the Nanos come in. I prefer the first gen boxes myself. The improvements make the new Touch better but I consider this version 1.5 that 2.0. Mainly due to lack of great improvement over the original. The firmware 2.1 seems like a great improvement. Expect a full review in the future.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

4G iPod nano announced

Yep right on que Apple announces the taller, thinner, and all around better 4th generation iPod Nano. 9 Colors in all, along with a 2inch screen that auto rotates with accelerometer, the Nano is ready to go out to the masses.

via Apple PR

Zune 120 GB Digital Media MP3 Player (Black)

Should be shipping on September 12. You can preorder the 120GB Zune120 now at Amazon.com for a price of only $249.99.

Product Page Zune 120 GB Digital Media MP3 Player (Black)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

LaptopMag.com reviews Dell Mini 9

LaptopMag is the first one to check out the new Dell Netbook. Joanna Stern gives a full review plus video of this little laptop.

Here are their thoughts:

Dell barges into the netbook market with its sleek, configurable, and solid performing Inspiron Mini 9, but it’s not without flaws.

with a 3 1/2 out of 5 rating.

view Full Review of Dell Inspiron Mini 9 HERE

Dell Mini 9 First Video

Here is a First Video of the Dell Mini 9 Netbook from a member of Dell's product team Brian Pitstick.

The device definately looks small and geared towards kids with small hands compared to a full on adult with huge hands. Dell wants this to be more of a social networking device and for travelers.

Dell's Mini Inspiron 9 now official - Disappoints with price and specs

Dell has launch their low rumored Netbook today. Unfornately the launch disappoints most. First the pricing starts at $349. Considering that the S10 and Aspire One are in that range has much better specs it's not a great deal. Plus the size of SSD drive goes from 4GB to only 8GB. And you only have the choice between black and white(at a premium).

They are offering a little late back to school deal. You can get the low end Netbook for only $99 if you buy a Studio 15, XPS M1530, or XPS M1330.

Product Page
$349 version HERE
$449 version HERE
UK Version HERE
Germany Version HERE

via Dell Blog

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dell netbook to be called Dell 9 starting price $349

UMPCPortal has uncovered an ad that appears to be for the upcoming Netbook offering. The Dell Mini 9 Netbook will likely be announced and/or released tommorrow if rumors become true. Starting price will be $349 Ubuntu to $449 for the XP version. Color choices will be limited to black or white. And two versions will include Ubuntu. Unfornately the SSD is small from 4GB to only 8GB of the SSD Drive.

via UMPCPortal

Dell Mini Inspiron 910 release Thursday?

The latest rumors of the 910 netbook is that it will be released tommorrow according to The Wall Street Journal. Other rumors have pegged the release date as Friday. So who knows what is true and what is just rumor spreading by websites.

via Engadget

MSI Wind 6 Cell in stock at Newegg.com

MSI Wind is now available in 6 cell at Newegg for a price of $549.99. This is for the pink version. But I'm sure the white and black should follow soon.

Product Page HERE

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tsinghua TongFang's S1 imini Series announced for China

VIA Technology Inc has announced the S1 imini Mini-Note Series which will sport the VIA C7-M Processor and soon be available from PC Stores in major cities across China. The Netbook will have a 10.2" screen, 1.6GHZ VIA C7-M processor, Vista Home Basic with a Linux dual interface, 1GB of Ram, 80gb HDD, Wifi, 1.3 cam, and optional GPS. The S1 imini Mini-Note will come in a stylish design and available in 5 colors(Black, Blue, Pink, White, and Gold).

Tongfang S1 imini Mini-Note Series Specifications
Screen: 10.2"; 1024 x 600
CPU: 1.6GHz VIA C7-M Processor
Chipset: VIA VX700 Unified Digital Media IGP Chipset
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, with a unique Linux dual interface
Graphics: Integrated VIA UniChrome Pro II IGP with 3D/2D graphics
and video acceleration
Memory: 1GB DDR2 667 RAM
Storage: 80GB hard disk drive
Webcam: 1.3 megapixel microspur camera
Wireless: 802.11 b/g
Audio: HD audio with 2 ports: speaker/microphone
I/O Ports: USB x 3, Ethernet LAN, 4-in-1 card reader
Battery: 6 cells/3 cells
Dimensions: 190(w) × 249(d) × 21-33.5(h)mm; 1.2kg (with 3 cells)

Special Features:
Intellectualized Roll Key
MP3 Player
Image Display Viewer
Business Card Manager application
USB HDD and battery pack for mobile external hard drive or USB peripheral charging
Colors: White, blue, pink, gold or black
Price: RMB 3998 (approx. USD 583)

Taipei, Taiwan, 2 September 2008 - VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced the S1 imini Mini-Note Series from Tsinghua TongFang, Co. Ltd., a leading PC OEM based in Beijing. Easy to carry and use, the S1 imini has a maximum power consumption of just 15W, and its distinctive, lightweight design makes it perfect for today's digital lifestyle.

Powered by the 1.6GHz VIA C7-M processor combined with the VIA VX700 chipset, and sporting a bright 10.2" screen, the S1 imini provides all the functionality of a standard notebook plus an array of special features, such as a business card manager, portable hard drive with battery pack, and digital photo frame or DVD playback functionality outside of the Vista environment. Add wireless connectivity and optional GPS navigation, and the S1 imini looks set to bring the allure of truly mobile computing to the Chinese market.

Introducing the S1 imini MiniNote Series, TongFang's Vice President and General Manager of their Computer Group, Mr. Li Jianhang said, "Mini-notes are in vogue, with an appeal that goes beyond being a 'second computer'. They have become a personality statement. The ability to integrate daily work and entertainment options with appearance and style takes the S1 out of the limitations of just functional computing. The imini Series is breaking new ground, bringing style and design customization to the Chinese consumer."

Available in white, blue, pink, gold or black from PC stores in all major cities across China, the S1 imini Mini-Note Series is TongFang's first entry in the ultra mobile market, and they chose to power their devices with the VIA C7-M processor due to VIA's long-standing reputation and experience in the design and development of ultra low power mobile platform solutions.

"VIA is very pleased to be working with Tsinghua TongFang to bring new, personalized ultra mobile products like the S1 imini to Chinese end-users," said Richard Brown, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for VIA Technologies, Inc., "Customers care more about performance-per-watt, ease of use and portability these days, and VIA's ultra mobile platforms are the perfect balance of low power and high performance."

VIA has been awarded over 40 design wins from companies throughout the world, based on its ultra mobile platform solutions. Their customers range from global brands such as HP, Packard Bell and Everex to leading national brands, such as Tsinghua TongFang, in China.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Asus S101 hits FCC

We heard that the Asus S101 was to launch in Mid-September. Well now the Netbook has shown up in FCC filings. Not too much details on this high end Netbook from Asus. What we know is it will have a 32gb and 64gb SSD drive, estimated price $699 to $899, 10 inch display, and Atom chip.

via Engadget