Thursday, August 11, 2011

Able Planet Clear Voice Stereo Telecom Headset w/ Patented LINX AUDIO™ TL300 Review

Reviewed by KC Kim

The TL300 provides the optimal communication connection with music, friends, and work. Not only does this include the Award Winning LINX AUDIO technology it is optimized for voice communication and performs at the top of its class.

• Featuring Award-Winning Patented LINX AUDIO™-a Hear the Difference™ technology
• In-Line Volume Control for Easy Adjustment to Safe Listening Levels
• Lightweight Adjustable Headband and Ear Cups for Maximum Comfort

• Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
• Plug: 2.5mm

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED 2.5 to 3.5 Adaptor for use with computer
• Soft carrying pouch

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Intro: I was looking for a headset that I could use for audio instant messaging and things like Skype. And noticed that Able Planet released some new headsets at CES. Able Planet known for their award winning Linx audio for superior sound and speech is now offering some new headsets. They offer two models, the high end Stereo TL300 and the mono TL200. They sell for $89.99 and $79.99. Here I review the Able Planet Clear Voice Stereo Telecom Headset w/ Patented LINX AUDIO™ TL300.

Design: The TL300 is well built and lightweight. Some other headsets I’ve purchased seem bulky and cheap in comparison. The TL300 on the other hand feels like it’s built to last for a long time. I found nothing flimsy about it. Also I like how lightweight it is. Just put in the included bag and you can take this headset with you when you travel. The headset has an adapter for mic and headphones. You can remove the adapter to make it regular headphones. There is also a switch to active and deactivate the mic. Comfort is always an issue especially if you plan on uses these for hours. Well I can say they are actually quite comfortable for long periods of time.

Features: First things first the TL300 can be used for such things as Skype, instant messaging (Voice chat), pc game headset, and more. It’s perfect for work or play. I’ve never used voice chat before but with these they open my eyes to want I been missing. Great way to talk to friends, family, and colleagues. The Headset can also be used as regular headphones. Since this had two foam pads you can listen to music or watch movies with the headset on. The quality is very good and I would compare to higher end headphones.

Conclusion: Able Planet’s TL300 is a great bang for you buck PC headset that offers great features, quality materials, and excellent voice and sound that you would look for in a headset. This is the first headset I would use on a regular basis. I am very impressed by the Able Planet’s TL300 offering and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.
9 out of 10

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