Monday, April 28, 2014

Apple iWatch rumors

Ibtimes has 5 rumors that maybe in the new Apple iWatch. 

1.       Apple iWatch has full iOS.
2.       Apple iWatch integrates with other Apple Devices.
3.       Apple iWatch comes with biometrics and other sensors. 
4.       Apple iWatch will use fashionable display panels from LG.
5.       Apple iWatch may be manufactured by two giants Nike and Apple.

via IBTimes

Electric Cars for Chinese drivers

Denza electric car will launch in China for RMB 369,000 ($59,100).  The car is a joint effort from German giant, Daimler, and Chinese electric vehicle makers, BYD.  The car will subsidies of up to RMB 120,000 can be deducted from the car price. 

via CNN

Friday, April 25, 2014

US government approves Facebook's purchase of Oculus

The FTC has approved Facebook buying VR goggles Oculus for $2 billion dollars.  Now the question is how will Oculus move forward.  Oculus will now have a ton of money to work with but will they still be the same if they were independent. 

via Engadget

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Case Logic Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack Review

I travel a lot during the year but hate going through airport security.  It is just a hassle to take your gear with you when traveling.  Case Logic makes the trip a little easier with the Case Logic Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack.

The executive level laptop bag is perfect for the business man or women.   The backpack can fit either a 15" or 16" laptop.  The backpack can lay flat which allows the laptop to stay in the backpack through security.  The luggage strap can hook up to your luggage bag for easy carry.  The laptop is mid size and can fit your laptop, accessories, phone, and other gear very easily.

I have reviewed a lot of backpacks but this one by Case Logic is the one to purchase especially for travelers.  At $99 it's not the cheapest backpack but one that will last you years.  I have taken this on two trips so far (one to Las Vegas during Christmas and another to New York to visit my brother).  The laptop bag has held up well to the travel that I have used it and continues to be used everyday with little to no wear. 

Case Logic has made a bag that is perfect for a young professional who no longer wants to look like a college student wearing a backpack.  The backpack has a nice black simple styling that is perfect for business travelers.  If your looking for a great backpack then look no further than the Case Logic Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack.

9.5 Out of 10

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Disclosure:  Review unit