Friday, August 19, 2011

CaseCrown Hard Drive Case - Checkered Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Intro: Flash Drives or Solid State Drives haven't reached the point where we need to replace our old fashion hard drives. So if you have an external hard drive lying around. You want to protect it. Case manufacture CaseCrown has got you covered with the Checkered Hard Drive Case.

Design: The Hard Drive case is the perfect size for most external portable hard drives. This would not work well with desktop external drive which is larger in size. The case holds the drive securely with a flexible stretchy band. Also you have one large pocket to fit the usb cable. The checkered pattern is a nice touch also. It gives it an upscale look to it.

Function: CaseCrown cases use shock absorbing memory foam in their cases. This is a great feature for hard drives which have moving parts. The case can definitely add an extra layer of protection for your Hard Drive.

Conclusion: The CaseCrown Hard Drive Case - Checkered is the perfect solution to protecting your external portable hard drives. The memory foam is just what your drive needs to stay safe from failures. At less than $10 this is a must buy.

9.7 Out of 10

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