Friday, August 19, 2011

Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset Ebony Black Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Retail price $119.00

With a high-gloss, piano-black finish, the lightweight Sound ID 300 displays a sophisticated design and differentiates itself from other Bluetooth headsets with innovative functionality, including NoiseNavigation and PersonalSound. NoiseNavigation provides clear audio through the automatic reduction of background noise, while PersonalSound allows users to select from three listening modes that enhance speech clarity without raising the volume.

Intro: I last reviewed a Sound ID headset two years ago and I was very impress. Now I get a chance to check out their latest offering the ID 300. Obviously in two years Sound ID has improved their flagship headset and here I will discuss these improvements and enhancements.

Design: The headset comes in a glossy Ebony Black color. It is very sleek and minimalist. The device measures a small 2.1 long, .6 wide and .3 inch thick. The device has one LED dot that indicates status. The ID 300 comes with 3 loop sizes for different ear sizes.

Function: One of the most important things I look in a headset is comfort. Is it going to hurt my ear after long hours of use? The ID 300 is very comfortable that often times I forget I'm using a bluetooth headset. Next the voice calling on both ends are good. Noise Navigation technology offers up clear sound even in noisy settings. Sound ID's PersonalSound technology add three levels of enhancement for improved sound clarity. Talk time is a very good 6hrs and up to 220hrs standby. Overall sound quality, noise control, and comfort were well above the norm when compared to other headsets.

Conclusion: I have tested many Bluetooth headsets before. But I believe they are a select few that represent the elite that offer clear sound, great style, and excellent features. The Sound ID 300 is one of the top bluetooth headsets you can buy. And of all the Bluetooth headsets that I own this one is my daily use headset.

9.8 Out of 10

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