Friday, May 30, 2008

Points to remember while using the internet fax service

In the modern era, the technique of e-fax has become widely accepted. With some of the effective features it had replaced the use of heavy and bulky fax machines. With the coming of online fax work had become much easier and compatible and business is running in a smoother way. But there are some features and constraints that are applied to each internet fax provider.
 Points that should be cared and noticed in Internet Fax Service: -
• Each one of the fax service provider has the different technique and ways of sending and receiving the faxes. The common thing is that they both use the internet and e-mail. Some of them use desktop application of desktop fax service which can be done by sitting on your desktop. While some of them us Windows Outlook or Office for this purpose. Most of them have a good web interface and online web site where one can access his fax account for checking and sending the faxes. They also provide a good storage space for storing the faxes online.
• Moreover one must also checks the flexibility and scalability which can meet the faxing requirements. They must also be customized with any size of the organization. User must also looks after the various other features like of Fax Broadcasting which can help in sending the faxes in large number to the selected recipients. Moreover one must checks for the availability if toll-free or local fax number.
• The main thing should be remembered is that the e-fax need mainly depends on the personal needs of the user. Some of the points that should be asked by the user to the user are: is the faxing needs are more or the usage will be less? Hence, the answer will determine which technique to go for whether it is My Fax or Send2Fax or Trust Fax.

EEE PC is like a Wii more so with the EEE Stick

EEE PC had a resemblance to the Nintendo Wii. Now they bust out with the EEE Stick which looks like it's for gaming. The EEE Stick looks very similar to the Wii Remote. It will be able to work on any game. And I'm guessing could work with any PC. Price is estimated at $70.

via RegHardware

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is coming up not so far in the distant future. And we need to think of gifts to give to our fathers. A place I know of that you may not know of is They have a wide selection of great gifts for Dad. You can get him a simple arrangement of flowers or plants. Great for Dad's who enjoy gardening. I especially like the Martha Stewart Lotu Pod plant. Maybe he enjoys golf then Dad's Hole in One basket of cookies might do. If he is a meat and cheese kind of guy get him the John Deere Ole Dad basket. Or if he has a sweet tooth then maybe Bourbon & Whiskey Fudge is what he's after. Or maybe he's a bit stressed and what some Zen like treatment. Then he might get a kick out of the Juniper Bonsai.

Like I said has such a great assortment of Father's Day Gifts . Something for all types of Dad's. And I am sure he will like it more than say a tie or golf ball that he gets every year. And I know that Father's Day doesn't get a much love as Mother's Day. So make this year the best Father's Day yet.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dell's new mini notebook "mini-Inspiron" is an EEE killer

Dell has just unleashed the mini-Inspiron for the world to see. This is Dell's answer to the EEE PC laptop. A sub $500 mini notebook that is sure to make waves. The mini-Inspiron definately compares most to the Mini-Note in appearance and with the 8.9" screen. And will feature the option to put either Ubuntu or XP on it. We shall here more when it is announced during Computex.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Multi-Touch to be featured in Windows 7

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7
Multi-Touch seems to be all the rage these days. And Microsoft has decided to include it in their next operating system Windows 7. This should allow us to do things we previous were not able to do on our laptops. Of course you would have to have a multi-touch laptop to use this feature. More incentive to upgrade when the OS drops. Nice idea MS.

For the spy in all of us

I found a really cool site that relates to spy gear. So I am one step closer to becoming the next James Bond. With the help of Spy3k I can also have the coolest spy equipment at fair prices. Things such as mini camera or spy camera are must have items for all the high tech people out there.

With all the latest high tech gear Spy3k will be my source for years to come for covert spy equipment. Also the site is secured by Geotrust so you can shop with confidence that you known you buying from someone reputable. They have great prices and are the premier shop in all of Europe. And Spy3k is back by guarantee against defects and failures. Also while your on the site you can check out some of the other cool tech gadgets they have on their web shop.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amazon Kindle price drop

The hottest ebook reader around just got a price drop from $399 to $359 with free 2 day shipping. A savings of $40.

Product Page Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ubuntu coming to mini notebooks

Ubuntu Netbook Remix will be announced first week of June says Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth. Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a custom version of Ubuntu Linux optimized for mini notebooks like the EEE, Mini-Note and Wind. So now mini notebook owners have one more choice to pick from.

We're announcing it in the first week of June. It's called the Netbook Remix. We're working with Intel, which produces chips custom-made for this sector.

via Guardian via Liliputing

HTC Touch Dual to launch in U.S. this weekend

Yes the HTC Touch Dual is finally making it's way to the U.S. through Best Buy Mobile locations. You can pick up this phone unlocked for $549.99. So it's not cheap. This will be one of the first phones to have Windows Mobile 6.1. Also it has touchflo and 3.5g high speed connection.

via Engadget - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)

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So why not give it a try to promote your blog and or site. Theres nothing to lose since it’s free. So join - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)

Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook Air

The Apple store now has the Apple Macbook Air Refurbished for sale. It is 14% off for 1,549.00 with free shipping. Not a huge sale but $250 off retail.

13.3-inch glossy widescreen display
2GB memory
80GB 4200-rpm PATA hard drive
Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Built-in iSight Camera

Apple Store HERE

Thursday, May 22, 2008

iOrgane F1+ 850mhz iPhone Clone

The iOrgane F1+ is a followup to the HiPhone. It is still triband but features the elusive 850mhz band. Their is also a European version with the 900mhz band. The phone is not cheap at $196. But those who hate Apple might like it.

- Mode: iOrgane F1+
- Tri-band GSM network support: 850/1800/1900 Mhz
- 3.2-inch vibrant color touch screen LCD
- Multi-touch capable (use multiple fingers to rotate, zoom, and flip through pictures etc)
- Supports phone call conversation recording
- Accelerometer motion detection system allows changing songs by physically nudging the phone
- Orientation detector rotates video play back when you physically rotate the phone
- 1.3MP digital camera (manufacturer claimed)
- MicroSD/TF slot allows up to 2GB memory card expansion
- 1GB TF memory card included
- Bluetooth
- Dual SIM card slot (only one SIM card can be online at a time)
- Supports MP3/MP4/eBook (txt)/Voice Recording/GPRS/Videos
- English and Chinese phone menu (configurable)
- Hard-copy user's manual printed in Chinese only
- Comes with two (2) x 1200mAh rechargeable lithium batteries
- 100V~240V AC adapter included

Product Page HERE

Multi-Touch Teclast T50 now available

MP4Global now has the multi-touch Teclast T50 for sale. You can get yours now for $149 with free shipping.

Specs below
2.8" display Native support for radio and audio recording E-book support Text-to-speech function AVI, DivX, Flash, MPEG-4 and XviD video playback

The screen is a 16:9 super WQVGA, which is a 430 x 240-pixel “super” resolution wide screen. It supports RMVB/RM, FLV, MP3, MP4 and other formatsts.

Teclast T50, it uses the new Rk2706 chip and a Wolfson 8987, it is actually a very good touch screen player, with a quite nice user interface.

Product Page HERE

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Asus EEE 901 in Black

We all knew that there would be a black version of the EEE 901 considering all previous version had a black edition. Well now Blogeee has the pics to prove it.

Check out the pictures HERE

Cowon officially upgrades Q5W and A3

Cowon has just announced hard drive upgrades for it's top end PMP's. You can get the Cowon A3 starting May 26th with an 80gb hard drive for $440. Also you can get the Cowon Q5W for $600 starting in June for their 80gb version.

via Engadget

HDD-less Netflix player by Roku

I previously have used Netflix just recently so I know about their online streaming videos. Well now with the Netflix player by Roku you can stream your movies to the television. For $100 it's not bad if your are a Netflix subscriber. All the connections are there such as HDMI. Though currently HD content is not offered.

via Roku

Monday, May 19, 2008

Teclast T50 MP4 Player showed off

The Teclast T50 is a new player that features iTouch like features though not quite as polished. The player features multi-touch technology but is not quite as responsive. So it's just like a poor man's iPod Touch. Just not as refined or good.

via MP4Nation

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cowon A3 80GB version

The Cowon A3 gets a major bump in capacity. Currently the A3 is available in 30gb and 60gb versions. But from Dutch retailer MP3spelers a 80gb version is set to release in the near future. This is of course not official but the source tends to release tidbits that are often true. While 80gb is alot of space, some recent Chinese PMP have gone up to 250GB. So these Korean players need to catch up.

via Dapreview

Zvue Spirit MP3 Player

The Zvue Spirit looks a tad like the 3rd gen Nano but with one twist. It's more patriotic with it's American Flag themed design. The Spirit of America will come with preloaded songs that scream proud to be an American. You can pick up the Zvue Spirit now for only $35.99 at the online store.

Product Page HERE

via AnythingButiPod

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nokia N810 for $362.99 shipped at is currently selling the Nokia N810 for $362.99. Considering I payed over $400 when I bought mine this is a good deal. The price is $86.01 off retail price. And included is free shipping too. Using Google checkout brings the price down by $10.

Product Page HERE

via GearDiary
via GizmoSquad

Wibrain B1H UMPC reviewed

Pocketable goes hands on with the ugly duckling of UMPC portables. The Wibrain B1H has a decent feature set but I just can't get past how ugly it is. Well Jenn Lee does an excellent job of showing off the UMPC in it's fully glory with 33 pictures in her photo review.

Check out her full review HERE

via Pocketables

Sony DVP-FX820 best portable dvd player

Cnet has done a review of the latest portable dvd player of 2008. And list the Sony DVP-FX820 as the best buy. Here are their thoughts on the portable dvd player with a 7.7 out of 10 rating.

Despite a few drawbacks, the combination of a stunning high-resolution screen, long battery life, and impressive design make the Sony DVP-FX820 a winning portable DVD player.

Also if you check Amazon you will find users comment feel the same giving it the highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Product Page Sony DVP-FX820 8" Portable DVD Player Black

via Crave

Friday, May 16, 2008

Aigo MID unboxing by UMPCFever

I'm really hyped about these MiD type devices. The main thing is they need to bring down the price to $500 or less to make this more viable than a niche product. The Aigo MID is probably one of the best that are currently making a showing. Well UMPC fever got a chance to go hands on with the device and was nice enough to do an unboxing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Samsung to get out of laptop business

Samsung has stated they will get out of the laptop market unless they triple sales. This of course they said they can do. Sukyong Hong, the senior manager of overseas sales and marketing, claims that the Korean giant will need to shift 11 million notebooks in order for the division to remain sustainable. Currently Samsung has 1.7-per cent share of the global market.

via Gizmodo

Competent, fast, precise

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The most important features of web designing approach are knowledge of what a page really needs. That means website must contain friendly interface that any client can use without any problems. That interface also must be designed with taste and show stylish line. Not forgetting about safety, there need to be said that safe and calm of any customer is a priority to website design Florida.
With all those useful information you are now assured that choice can be only one. Make that choice and become website competition winner.

OCZ's DIY Gaming Laptop

OCZ is attempting to sell do it yourself gaming notebooks. The problem is that the options are for WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and a TV tuner, with only the last one being an optional choice for gamers. What notebook will have is 15.4 inch display with the entire lappy weighing 7 pounds. Also coming standard with the laptop is an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video card, Intel PM965 northbridge, SATA support for hard drives, 8x dual-layer DVD burner, four USB 2.0 ports, ExpressCard and a fingerprint leader.

via DailyTech

Why Craigslist Is Good For Collectors

Craigslist is a very good source for those into collecting items, such as baseball cards and antiques, for many reasons. While it can't directly compete with eBay in this department, it does provide a better atmosphere for collectors to acquire new items.

For example, unlike eBay, you will probably be able to physically view your item (in person) before having to purchase it. With eBay, you have to bid on the item or purchase the item before you can have physical access to it. By doing this, you will be able to confirm that the item is in its expected condition and you will not be surprised when your item arrives in the mail damaged.

Another reason for why Craigslist is good for collectors is that the collector can purchase the item in person. Just like the previously mentioned reason, you aren't guaranteed an item by paying for it online. On the other hand, if you pay the owner personally with cash, you can be guaranteed that you will receive your item. Otherwise, you can pursue a civil suit, which is quite hard to do with an online based case.

Finally, just remember that most of the people who list these items on Craigslist are fully aware of their value and importance to a collector. This will work in your advantage.

For more information about Craigslist visit:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MSI Wind now official

LaptopMag has the inside scoop on the MSI Wind. First it will be available starting June 3rd. Pricing starts at an amazing $399 for the Suse linux based version. While the XP version will hit the sweet spot of $549. It will also come in black, silver, white, and pink.

via LaptopMag

Monday, May 12, 2008

2 Million Zunes Sold

I was really expecting that Zunes will be on the upswing with the new Zune80 and flash players. But they only sold 2 million. Compare that to the Apple iPods 148 million and that just make it sad. The worst part Microsoft seems to have taken Creative's market share than gain into Apple's. With Sandisk Sansa players still firmly at 2nd place in the market. Looks like MS should start thinking of melding the Xbox brand with a media player.

via CrunchGear

BeBook ebook Reader

Maybe with the popularity of the Amazon Kindle, more ebook readers will hit the market in mass. Here is the BeBook Ebook Reader coming with a big price tag of €330 (or $510). And no advance features like EVDO or Wifi. It will have a six inch E-Ink display, 512mb internal memory, and SD card slot. Quite simply this doesn't match the Kindle or Sony Reader in terms of functionality and price. Good luck BeBook your going to need it.

via myBeBook

Time to go Blu-Ray DVD Player

I have been waiting for the blu ray vs HD-DVD format wars to be over to help me decide what next gen format I should buy. When HD-DVD went dead and abandoned by it's supporters. The decision was made for me. I want to buy blu ray player that would work best for me. Whether it would be a PS3 with built in Blu Ray or a standalone player or maybe even a laptop equipped player. With prices now more reasonable I think it's the right time to buy blu ray players with hdtv's.

Next year will be a major shift as digital tv becomes in the forefront. So it's time to go all out. Buy that 42" plasma tv, buy a stereo system, and buy a high definition player.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

French Fry Holder

Oh how I could have use the French Fry Holder when I ate food in my car. The trips to McDonalds where you would drop a fry or two in the car seat would no longer be with the French Fry Holder. This French Fry Holder even has a place to put your ketchup cup in. Too bad it's not available. Oh how they tease.

Product Page HERE

via CrunchGear

Preorder Asus EEE 900 PC 20GB and 12GB at

If you were waiting for Amazon to list the Asus EEE 900. Then today is your lucky day. They have listed both the 12GB XP version as well as the 20GB Linux version for preorder.

Preorder Page
ASUS Eee PC 20G (8.9" Screen, 900 MHz Intel Mobile CPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB Solid State Drive, Linux Preloaded) Pearl White

ASUS Eee PC 12G (8.9" Screen, 900 MHz Intel Mobile CPU, 1 GB RAM, 12 GB Solid State Drive, XP Home) Pearl White


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Teclast M23

Teclast after announcing the M25, M30 and T50 have announce yet another MP4 player. The Teclast M23 features 65,536-color QVGA standard (320 × 240 pixels) TFT display, most likely will use the Swiss-core Rockchip RK2608, and your basic video, audio, picture functions. Nothing special here. Just yet another ordinary player.

Specs below

•320x240 TFT • 320 x240 dot-matrix full color TFT display
• support to the five key rotation
•MP3、WMA、WAV、APE、FLAC • support for MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC music format
•MPEG-4(AVI) • Support for MPEG-4 (AVI) video format
•FM 30 • FM radio stations and 30 storage
•JPEG • support the JPEG format picture here
built-in microphone, ultra-long recording
• energy-saving settings, are free to adjust brightness, automatic shutdown
• a variety of audio, recycling options
• support for multi-country
•WIN98SE/ME、WIN2000、WIN XP • support WIN98SE/ME, WIN2000, WIN XP system
•USB2.0• USB2.0 high-speed transmission
• support the e-book reading
• support the games
• Mobile Hard function
• Support for firmware updates
•AB • support AB repeat function
•g-sensor • support the g-sensor function

via IMP3 via allPMP

Carl Freer interviewed by

Trevor over at Gizmondo Forums has gotten some more info on the new handheld from controversial company Gizmondo. Carl Freer the man who is trying to resurrect the company gave some more tidbits on the new handheld and the strategy to live up to some of the things they promised before. From the Q&A this is what information we got.

As we've just read we have found out this much...
  • Gizmondo due out end of the year
  • WIN CE 6.0 based OS Wince 6.0 wiki information
  • new GFX chip
  • It will be open platform with an SDK available
  • They will be hounding the developer community for support before release so anyone out there who fancies working on a project on the Gizmondo be ready to get in touch
  • return of gizmondo games from the past
  • old gizmondos to be revived
  • to make a return

via GizmondoForums
via Engadget

Smallest Personal Portable Microwave iWave Cube

Boy how I could have used this when I was a college student living in a closet size dorm. Yes here is the Smallest Personal Portable Microwave. I could see why someone would buy such an electronic device. First it's small footprint would be useful in cramp environments. The Microwave could be used to say pops some popcorn, heat a cup of coffee or tea, and cook a bowl of Ramen noodles. This would be perfect gift for a high school graduate who is set to start off college.

Product Page HERE
Also check out Julie's from The Gadgeteer's review HERE

Cocktail Party Ideas

At Shades of fun you can find party ideas for your next get together. They have an assortment of novelty shades available. You have 5 different party packs to choose from. Also the pricing is low with each pair of shades costing $9 each and $7 per pair of 3. Shipping is fast through USPS priority mail so you should receive it in 2 to 3 day’s time. And all products are backed by a 14-day return policy. Also you know they are reputable being an verified merchant.

They also carry celebrity shades. Sometimes you watch a movie and see this famous celebrity wearing sunglasses and your just dying to buy you own. Well now you can. From the Risky Business Tom Cruise sunglasses to the Men in Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones Sunglasses and Blues Brothers shades they have it all.

So if your looking for your next Cocktail Party Ideas for the latest party you plan on hosting then take a look at Shades of Fun. They provide cheap low cost novelty sunglasses in all sizes and shapes. Also if you can't find the novelty shades right for you they will also find it for you.

Friday, May 09, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond vs. Samsung Instinct vs. Apple iPhone

Pocketables has done a nice comparison spec sheet of all three cell phones. Though I'm still waiting for the Xperia X1 and dream that the Meizu miniOne will ever get released. Well while we wait for those cell phones. Check out this table of these three hot cell phones and decide for yourself what will be your next phone.

Touch Diamond
528MHz Qualcomm
667MHz Samsung
Windows Mobile
6.1 Professional
Unnamed touch
Flash: 4GB
ROM: 256MB
RAM: 192MB
microSD card slot
(up to 8GB)
Flash: 8GB, 16GB

4.0" x 2.0" x 0.45"
4.6" x 2.2" x 0.49" 4.5" x 2.4" x 0.46"
3.9 ounces 4.4 ounces 4.8 ounces
2.8" (640 x 480) 3.1" (240 x 434) 3.5" (480 x 320)
Network Tri-band GSM
Dual-band CDMA
Quad-band GSM
Wireless Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
GPS/A-GPS ready
Bluetooth 2.0
Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

Camera 3.2 megapixels
(stills and video)
2 megapixels
(stills and video)
2 megapixels
(stills only)

(mini-USB + audio)
Talk time:
Up to 5.5 hours
Up to 12 days
Talk time:
Up to 5.75 hours

Talk time:
Up to 8 hours
Up to 10.5 days
Photos Gallery (HTC) Gallery (CNET) Gallery (Apple)

via Pocketables - A Great Place for Search

I read on Digital point all the time of the next Google Killer. Most of the time it’s just someone trying to promote his or her own search engine. But truthfully there is only one Google. So if you want make a search engine that gets noticed don’t just copy the market leader.

Spock is one such search engine. It’s not just like Google. It’s actually very different and unique on it’s own. Its niche is people finder niche. You can search for celebrities, sports stars, famous people, or just any name and Spock will search for that person’s name on the net. You can even search by tag such as a description like. Real Estate Agent, blind, curly hair, etc.

I did a search for the presidential candidate Barack Obama. The first link was about Obama. The page gave me details of Barack Obama in the news, websites about Obama, and also other results around the web. This would be quite useful for students who are researching a particular well-known person.

From the Barack page was a reference to related people which came up such people as Oprah Winfrey, Michell Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Next I clicked on Hillary Clinton’s page. And the Clinton page came up with just as much detail.

So next time you want to surf the web for a particular person then head over to - A Great Place for Search

Asus EEE 900 available at has the Asus EEE 900 available with usually ships in 1-2 days. If you buy it from here's how to save $15 bucks on the Asus EEE 900.

Asus EEE 900 20GB Linux version $549.99 Product Page HERE
Use this coupon HERE to take $15 off
Make sure to select free shipping at checkout.
Total should come out to $534.99

Thursday, May 08, 2008

WaterField HP 2133 Mini-Note Sleeve Case Review

We had a chance to review the WaterField HP Mini-Note Sleeve Case. One of the first third party accessories for the 2133. And here are our thoughts:

What makes the Waterfield HP Mini Note case so great is it’s high quality workmanship, made in USA quality and durability, and the nice customization of the case. It’s truly one of the best cases I have ever used. The case perfectly fits the HP 2133 Mini Note. And since HP neglected to include a case Waterfield step up and simple provided the best case available right now for the HP Mini-Note.

Read entire review HERE

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Onda VX777 adds WIFI

The Onda VX777 an upgrade of the previous VX767 with one main difference. The addition of WIFI should put this player at the head of the class in terms of functionality for MP4 players. The device will share similar features to the VX767 like video and TV out. But with the addition of WIFI and possibly touchscreen. Unless this is running Windows CE a browser is doubtful. Most likely the WIFI will be used just for internet radio. We shall see in August when the VX777 drops.

via Engadget

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Newman M8000 up to 250GB PMP

Newman's new PMP is one uber player. It has a large 4 inch display with 16million colors. Features video, audio, pictures, digital cam on back. But most importantly is the sizable hard drive options. You can choose from 80GB all the way up to 250GB for your entire collection of media. Price starts at $299.


Superbowl commercials

Every year we sit around the couch with a bunch of friends. Brew in hand with Buffalo wings in the other and watch the Superbowl. Every once in a while there is a good game worth watching like the last Superbowl but most of the time we watch for the Funny commercials that air. I found a site that has all the Funny tv commercials in one place. So you can enjoy the best and funniest commercials all year long. Before commercials were a bore and you couldn’t wait till there over. But now the creativity in these commercials is quite impressive and entertaining.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Quadband iPhone Clone Boxu T35 Video Review has posted a video review of the i35 aka Boxu T35. This phone is a quad band phone with 3.5 touchscreen, bluetooth 2.0, Java Support, and it's only 10mm thick. You can also purchase this at MP4Global.

LG Synthesis concept phone from Andrew Suenghyun Kim

A member of Dapreview has made an amazing concept phone for the LG Design Contest. This concept phone called LG Synthesis from Andrew Kim takes all the great features and puts them together in a minimalist and stylish design.

via Dapreview

Friday, May 02, 2008

Easter Egg Tumbler Speaker

While I haven't used this particular Egg shaped speaker. I have used similar comparable model and they work great at improving sound on notebooks, mp3 players, and other small electronics that have small sound. These external speakers should give you a good amount of bass and loud enough to fill a small room with sound.

# Features: Extension tube: Small in size but big in bass.
# Tumbler Design: Relaxing yourself.
# Pocketsize portability: Small enough and carry around on a daily-basis.
# Volume control: Through the volume adjuster of MP3,mobile telephone, notebook PC,PC,MP4,DVD&VCD.
# Built-in Rechargeable Battery: Cost efficient & daily convenience.

Package Included:
# Easter Egg Tumbler Speaker x 1
# Input audio cable x 1
# USB power cable x 1

# Black
# Blue
# Red
# Silver

Product Page HERE

I have been blogging for over three years now. And it's been long tiresome hours of blogging at all times of day. While it's fun to do you can also make some money from it. Places like digital point are great to discuss such as matters. In the past I did not know alot of things on making money but these past months I have learn a lot of things like affiliate marketing, Adsense and SEO at DP.

I have discovered a CPA website. CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action. Clickbooth is that website. They are a affiliate marketing program that shares revenue with the advertiser and publisher. So advertisers set the leads and publishers must meet them. This is where the CPA comes it. You make money from visitors who click and do a certain task such as inputting email address or zip codes to purchasing a product.

So with that being said why not giving Clickbooth Publisher Network a try and make money like the big blogs do. Signup today and make loads of money in no time. And Clickbooth can help you make that money. These are a great opportunity for both publishers of blogs and sites and advertisers.

Rumor: Blu-ray Xbox 360 shipping in Q3?

After saying that Blu-ray won't happen for the Xbox 360. Rumors are circulating that it will have an integrated Blu-Ray available around Q3. The source Pegatron Technology has secured the contract to provide the 360 with blu-ray drive according to EDN newspaper.

via Digitimes

Boxu T33 triband cell phone with WIFI and Windows mobile 6

Here is the new updated version of the Boxu T32. The significant change is the T33 now includes WIFI. The Boxu T33 retains Triband and WM6 features.

Product Page HERE

Thursday, May 01, 2008 reviews Amazon Kindle Waterfield Cases has posted a review of the Amazon Kindle Waterfield Cases. Since the Kindle is now in stock you maybe interested in this review.

Here is Rob's from the-Gadgeteer thoughts on this case.
All three of these cases are, as is usual for Waterfield products, well constructed and fit the Kindle quite nicely. Which one is “best” depends on what you want to do with your Kindle. The Slip Case is ideal if you want to put the Kindle into a bigger gear bag or purse without taking up more space than is absolutely necessary, while the SleeveCase could fill that role but is also suitable for carrying around separately. The Travel Case is more specialized — I can’t imagine anyone carrying their Kindle around in it on a day-to-day basis, but it is the perfect size to hold the Kindle together with all of the accessories you might want for an extended trip, and it seems like it would work well as a way of organizing Kindle stuff inside a bigger carry-on or suitcase. While my favorite is the SleeveCase — it fits the way I use my Kindle best — I would recommend any of Waterfield’s Kindle cases to anyone looking for something more protective and nicer-looking than the standard cover.

Read the entire review HERE

Asus Eee PC 900, Video Review

JKKMobile does a video review of the Asus EEE 900.


8.9", 1024 x 600 screen
Intel® Celoron M 900Mhz
12GB SSD (4GB built-in + 8GB flash) SSD (Microsoft Windows OS Version)
20GB SSD (4GB built-in +16GB flash) SSD (Linux OS Version)
Audio HD audio / built-in speakers
WLAN Built-in 802.11b/g
1.3M Pixel webcam
3xUSB / VGA-out / earphone jack / mic / RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Power Output: 12V, 36W; Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
Tracking Control Utilizes FingerGlide
Operating System Windows® XP Home / Linux
Pearl white / Galaxy Black
Dimensions 22.5cm(W) x 17.0cm(D) x 2cm~3.38cm(H) = small
Weight 0.99 kg

Battery life:

4400mAh -2.5 hours
5200mAh -3 hours
5800mAh +3 hours
6600mAh +3.5 hours
7800mAh +4.5 hours

via JkkMobile