Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LogiPen LogiNotes Digital Pen Input Device Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
$129.99 retail now $98.50

I have always been an avid note taker. I like the convenience of paper and pen. The new Digital Pen's allows me to write notes on traditional paper yet throw the same notes into my computer for saving and conversion.

The LogiPen was very simple to use. I simply plugged the receiver using the included usb cable to charge the internal battery for 12hrs. Once I was finished I attached the receiver to a notepad. All I had to do is write like I normally would and push the button on the receiver to save the page. Then I just turn the page and take another note. You can also connect the device by USB and directly write notes on your computer. In addition the device has a mouse mode which acts as a mouse for your computer.

The LogiPen unlike a similar product actually feels like a pen. The other product I am talking about feels more like your holding a marker than a pen. Also with the LogiPen I write normally while the other pen I tried I had to adjust my writing style.

The LogiPen comes with two software programs that are very helpful. First the LogiManage which manage your notes, download your notes, screen capture your notes and browse your notes. The second software is MyScript Notes which can convert printed and cursive handwritten notes to text. I tried this feature and the software converted the note 100% accuracy. Now since cursive notes vary person to person it will be less accurate depending on your writing style.

Any avid note taker will love this digital pen especially students and business people who are frequently jotting down notes. The LogiPen is great for people who like to write notes on paper but want to look up their notes at a later date on their computer. I have tried digital pens before but the LogiPen is the best one that I have tried. I highly recommend this to anyone who writes a lot of notes and wants to organize it in a digital copy.

9 Out of 10

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