Friday, August 19, 2011

Handy Cooler Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Intro: When you need to cool off then you might be interested in my next review, the Handy Cooler. This is no cheap portable fan. It's like holding an air conditioner in your hand.

Design: The Handy Cooler has the appearance of a handy cam but it's not. The Handy Cooler is well built and should last a real long time. It definitely feels more upscale than the price of purchase. The Handy Cooler comes in three colors to choose from (Sky Blue, Soft Pink, and Black)

Function: I was surprise how simple the product was to use. Simply remove the sponge and use the included bottle to load the sponge with just enough water. Then add 4 AA batteries and hit the switch and your ready to go. The device uses a patent pending evaporative cooling technology to produce cool air to the user. The Handy Cooler is great for use in a hot car, small computer room, office, camping, and for people who suffer from hot flashes. The Handy Cooler can connect to your laptop or computer USB port so you can put it right next to you while you work. The fan is adjustable to the degree of coolness you want.

Conclusion: We all heard of other products like the Misty Mate. But the problem with devices like the Misty is that it's prone to leaking water all over you. The Handy Cooler produces cooler air effectively. It has so many useful uses and can be taken with you anywhere you need to cool off. The Handy Cooler is one cool product that will cool you off this hot summer.

9.8 Out of 10

Order the Handy Cooler now HERE

Baby Stroller Air Cooling System
This is an attachment that must be used with the Handy Cooler. A nylon bag attaches to the back of your stroller. You put the Handy cooler on the bottom of the bag and use the hose to go inside to the baby stroller. Then turn on the handy cooler to provide cooler air for the baby. It is a simple add on to any stroller and can provide your baby with cooler air on very hot days.

The Baby Stroller Air Cooling System can be purchase as a combo with the Handy Cooler for $59.95. If you already own the Handy Cooler you can upgrade for $34.95.

Purchase the combo HERE

or Upgrade Kit HERE

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