Friday, August 19, 2011

iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset (Glossy Black) Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

* Wind resistant
* Automatic volume adjustment
* Multipoint technology for connecting 2 Bluetooth mobile phones
* Bluetooth specification v2.1+EDR class 2
* Supports Bluetooth Headset, Handsfree, and HID profiles
* Rechargeable 130 mAh li-polymer battery
* Talk Time: Up to 5 hours
* Standby Time: Up to 100 hours
* Nominal Charging Time: Within 3 hours
* Laser Pointer Operating Time: Up to 3 hours
* Compatible with i.Tech 110 - 240Vac switching mini USB charger
* Dimensions: 63 (L) x 16.5 (W) x 9.8 (H) mm
* Weight: 12 grams

Intro: I had a chance to review the just released iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset. iTech brings some cool features to the table and present a nice offering to the Bluetooth headset market. Here I present some of features that set this headset apart from the rest.

Design: The 901 has a similar longish shape that I've seen on other headsets. The 901 comes in three colors, glossy black, silver and wine (red). The headset has a detachable loop that goes over the ear. It is shape in a cool way but I had a hard time getting the loop to fit my ear. In the end I decided to remove the loop and the headset fit better without it. The headset is made mostly of plastic but feels solid and less likely to break. The headset has a glossy black finish with a pattern on the exterior side.

Function: The i. VoicePRO 901 has dual microphones which are the first time I have heard of this. The first mic faces the user and captures your voice. The second mic facing out and is used against ambient noise. Their Kill Noise slogan on the box is fitting as the noise filtering software provides clarity when your talk and listening on the headset. The call quality of sound was very good with the other person on the line saying that it didn't sound like I was on a cell phone. The 901 also features the latest Bluetooth v2.1 EDR for enhanced data rate and simple pairing and power saving properties. The headset also features automatic volume adjustments and wind resistant. Another nice feature is that the headset can pair with more than one phone. For battery life your looking at 4.5hrs of talk time and 100hrs of standby time.

Conclusion: For just under $80 the i.VoicePRO 901 is a good value that can give the high end Bluetooth headsets a run for their money. The headset provides clear sound and the latest Bluetooth technology like Bluetooth v2.1 (no PIN number needed) and noise filtering software along with the dual mics. The headset is ideal for professionals who need headset with advanced features and voice quality.

9.5 out of 10

Purchase the iTech i. VoicePRO 901 here
iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset (Glossy Black)

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