Monday, August 15, 2011

Rebit 160 GB Backup Appliance Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Buy this if the computer to be backed up has a 160 GB or smaller hard drive.

Once you plug the Rebit backup appliance into your computer's USB port, simply click "ok" to enable its software to run, and that's it.

Rebit backs up everything, from pictures to e-mails, even your applications, settings and operating system. You don't do anything. There are no schedules to set, no backup media to set up.

Moments after a file is created or deleted, Rebit will back it up. It will even back up versions of files so that you can recover if you accidentally save over a file. And if you unplug Rebit, it will automatically catch up from where it left off once you plug it back in again.

I was looking for a backup solution since my hard drives always dies in a couple of years. And losing important files is not a great thing to have. Rebit is a company that sells products specific to backup solutions. They offer portable drives and desktop drives of all sizes. I ended up getting the 160GB version for $149.95.

Design: There are two version drives to choose from. The desktop is a little bigger drives with included ac adapter. While the portable drives are powered by USB only. The portable version has two usb ends to make sure there is enough power to run the drive. Also Rebit is nice to include a free case to protect the drive when you travel. The drive is overall small, slim, and you can carry it anywhere with you that your laptop goes.

Function: I am always looking for the simplest solution I can find. Something where I don't have to read a big manual of step by step instructions. Instead I prefer software and hardware that just works with a few clicks of the mouse. And that’s where the Rebit shines. Simple connect the Rebit drive using the included usb cable and hit okay and your all ready to go.

Conclusion: Any who owns a computer knows that when a hard drive fails and you forget to backup your files then you are in a terrible situation. Many people save a lot of history on their computer but forget to protect it. Rebit can save your files and when the time comes to recover your most prize files then you have insurance that it will be stay protected.

9.5 Out of 10

Purchase the Rebit backup drive now HERE

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