Friday, October 30, 2009

NEW! HP Pavilion Slimline s5200z 2.3GHz AMD Desktop PC

I'm still rocking a 1.4Ghz AMD PC so I need to upgrade. I am looking at this PC that is only $299.99 and has Windows 7 preloaded.

NEW! HP Pavilion Slimline s5200z 2.3GHz AMD Desktop PC via LogicBuy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

InPulse Blackberry Smartwatch

A new watch that connects to your Blackberry through Bluetooth. You can check texts, emails, and Twitter updates. The InPulse has a 1.3 inch OLED and built in battery. The price of this watch is $150.

Check out their site for more info HERE

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pineapple's Rumble Z Vibrating earphone, Ultimate Gaming, Movie watching - White/Green

Here is a unique earbuds with built in vibration. This is similar to the feedback you find on console controllers. The Vibration puts you into the game when your playing Madden on your iPhone. It's also $50 off right now.

$39.99 Buy
Pineapple's Rumble Z Vibrating earphone, Ultimate Gaming, Movie watching - White/Green

Sunday, October 25, 2009

HP Mini 311 now in stock at

In the past you could only get this Hot Netbook from HP. Now you can pickup the HP Mini 311 with Nvidia ION chip for $399.99 with free shipping. Amazon has no tax for most states too.

Purchase it now
HP Mini 311-1000NR 11.6-Inch Black Netbook - Up to 6.25 Hours of Battery Life

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lossless Rewind Duo Men's Tri-Fold Leather Retractable Wallet (Anti-Theft Wallet) by Civilian Lab Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

If you plan on traveling overseas this holiday season then you’re taking a risk with your personal information. How often is it that we hear of someone losing their wallet and with it and their personal identification? This is the reason I am reviewing the Lossless Rewind Duo Wallet.

The Rewind Duo wallet is made of hand crafted of perforated, water-shedding leather. It's leather but has a shiny glossy like finish that is smooth to the touch. Unlike other wallets that absorb moisture this one sheds off water.

The Lossless Wallet has a metal steel cable with clip that attaches one end to the wallet and the other to your belt or belt loop. This provides protection from pick pocketers. This is something that happens a lot if you’re not too careful. With this wallet I know my money, credit cards, and license are safe from falling out or getting stolen.

The Rewind Duo Lossless Wallet is the best travel wallet you will ever find. If your carrying thousands of dollars that you will use on a trip. Then you’re going to need a wallet that can offer you maximum protection. The Rewind Duo Lossless Wallet fits the bill perfectly. It's just one less thing to worry about when I am overseas traveling.

9.5 Out of 10

Order the anti-theft wallet now
Lossless Rewind Duo Men's Tri-Fold Leather Retractable Wallet (Anti-Theft Wallet) by Civilian

Friday, October 23, 2009

Deploying Windows 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine

Microsoft is offering this freebie for those who are getting ready to upgrade to Windows 7. It is in pdf format and worth a look if you have Windows 7.

Download HERE

$200 off + 5% Coupon HP Pavilion dv8t Quad Edition Core i7 18.4-inch 1080p Blu-ray Laptop $1,234.99

Here is how you can get 200 off then use a stackable 5% coupon. Get this quad core laptop for a mere $1,234.99. You get a bunch of extras to make this a worth while deal.

$200 off + 5% Coupon HP Pavilion dv8t Quad Edition Core i7 18.4-inch 1080p Blu-ray Laptop $1,234.99 via LogicBuy

PS3 Slim Preorder - Release November 3rd

Sony bumps up the PS3 Slim to 250GB internal hard drive. The upgrade will cost you $350 shipped from Amazon. This is the perfect console for the holidays.

$349.99 Buy
PlayStation 3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 for Netbooks USB version available

Microsoft has made it easy to run Windows 7 on your Netbook. All have to do is go to their webstore and order the downloadable version. If you want to download it and have a backup pay $14.95. Or you can have it shipped if you have a usb dvd drive for your netbook.

via Microsoft HERE

NEW! HP ENVY 15 BEATS Edition 1080p Laptop with Dr Dre Studio HD Headphones $2,299.99

HP has a deal on the HP ENVY 15 BEATS Edition. This laptop includes Dr Dre Studio HD Headphones and 1080P display. It also comes with the new Windows 7 OS. This fully deck out laptop will cost you $2,299.99.

NEW! HP ENVY 15 BEATS Edition 1080p Laptop with Dr Dre Studio HD Headphones $2,299.99 via LogicBuy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. & International Wireless, Latest Generation)

Here is a slightly updated Kindle for those who travel. This new Kindle can be used in the U.S. as well as Internationally. This model is only $20 more expensive than the U.S. Model.

$279 Buy
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mr. Poncho - iPod case with built in earphone wrap

As seen on the Shark Tank, Mr. Poncho is a pouch case for your iPod. The case includes a built in wrap for your earphones. Each Mr. Poncho design case costs $18.

Order one now HERE

NightWave Sleep Aid Assistant Blue Light Night Wave with Travel Case Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Many people have problems falling asleep at night. While some take medication or over the counter sleeping pills. This is not a healthy way to live. An alternative I have found was this product that helps aids sleeping while having no side effects.

There are many products that claim to help get you to sleep. And example is CDs with calming noises. The problem with this method is the people around also have to hear rainfalls, birds chirping, and waterfalls. So while you might fall a sleep those around you will find it annoying.

The NightWave is a different product altogether. The device is small and compact so you can take it with you when you travel. Having to sleep in an uncomfortable hotel may cause you not to fall asleep. And if you have an important meeting the next day, it affects your job.

The Nigthwave uses an included battery to power the device. The device simply lights up and helps your breathing which slowly makes you fall asleep. In addition the device will auto shut off within minutes.

I found the NightWave works great for me. After using the device for about a week, I found the device work as advertised. I was getting relaxed by the blue light. And in turn my relaxed breathing allowed me to fall a sleep much faster than I did before.

Sometimes you can't fall a sleep and this product gives you a method to finally get a good rest. No doubt this great product that refreshes you after a good nights rest. While I can't say that this will work for everyone as everyone is different. It did work for me so it's worth at least giving it a try.

9.2 Out of 10

Order one now here
NightWave Sleep Assistant - Travel Version with Bundled Carrying Case

The Original Wallet Pen Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Intro: Everyday you carry with you a wallet. But sometimes you forget to bring a pen with you. Women have purse's where they can throw a couple of pens inside. For men who want to carry a pen with them everything I have a solution for you. The original Wallet Pen is the solution we have been waiting for. Sometimes I need to fill out a form and don't have a pen at hand. So I have to ask someone if they have a pen. Having a wallet pen with me at all times is very convenient.

Design: The wallet Pen comes in a random colored box. I got the bright green gift box. There is an option for engraving for personalized gifts. The pen is small but feels solid in sterling silver. You can definitely tell this is a premium writing instrument. The pen fits in almost all wallets.

Function: The Wallet while being small, writes just like a full size pen. It's a great pen for jotting down notes. When I go to the post office I use it to write shipping addresses on labels. When I go to the doctor's office I use it to fill out forms and insurance information. I found I use the Wallet Pen a lot through out the day with my daily tasks.

Conclusion: Even Oprah likes The Wallet Pen as it was featured O List 2006. This wallet pen is a great for gift giving. And with the holidays coming up they would make great stocking stuffers for loved ones. You get what you pay for and the Wallet Pen is worth every penny. I take it with me everywhere and have been very useful tool.

9.5 Out of 10

Purchase The Wallet Pen HERE

Wii aciddent at HSN

I don't think smashing a plasma tv is the best way to sell a Wii to consumers. But a host of HSN got too close to the plasma and gave it a good smack. I wonder how many they sell after that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

iTech Solar Voice 908 Bluetooth Headset Review

Solar charging makes this headset stand out. No more running out of battery life of your headset. Use the headset all day long and no need to charge it. Check out my review of the iTech SolarVoice 908 Bluetooth Headset HERE

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rogue Wallet Black Satin Leather Review

I was looking for a front pocket wallet that can provide a slim fit. The Rogue Wallet was made for me. This wallet is a front pocket wallet that is specially shape to fit in your front pocket. The Rogue Wallet comes in many designs but I chose the tried and true Black Rogue wallet.

The Rogue Wallet is a slim bi-fold wallet. It is shape exactly like your front pocket. So the Rogue Wallet slides flat into the pocket with no bulge. I normally use a regular wallet in my front pocket and find that is it always noticeable. The Rogue Wallet will not have a problem with big wallets since its special shape and thinness.

On the left side you will find three credit card slots and an interior slot. On the right side you will find an ID slot for your license. And finally one large cash slot for all your money.

The wallet is made of high quality Satin Leather. It feels nice to the touch and comfortable in the pocket.

The Rogue Wallet is great for travelers. Since the wallet is in the front pocket it's less likely to fall out or be stolen. The wallet is also very attractive and thin. The cool design also is very attractive. I highly recommend the Rogue Wallet for those who want a minimalist wallet.

9.2 Out of 10

brite-View CinemaTube Review

If your looking for a 1080P media player then your in luck as I take the brite-View CinemaTube for a spin. This new media player can stream, torrent, and play all your media. It's on sale now and selling out quick.

Read my review now of the brite-View CinemaTube HERE

Saturday, October 17, 2009

HP Coupons & Deals on HP Laptops at LogicBuy

If you shop at HP then you want to check out this post. No one pays retail anymore and even the #1 PC maker has deals if you look hard enough. But LogicBuy makes it easy to get all the latest discunts and coupon codes to bring down that Laptop to a reasonable price.

HP Coupons & Deals on HP Laptops via LogicBuy

Patriot Box Office 1080P High Definition Media Player

Patriot Memory is now offering a 1080P High Definition Media Player for preorder. The all-in-one media player can do full 1080P HD video, UPnP streaming, 10/100 Ethernet connection and optional WiFi USB adapter. You can also add a 2.5” hard drive into the media player. The Patriot Box Office is available for preorder for $129.99. If you preorder you can get a $30 mail in rebate that makes the total $99.99. And also get a free Wi-Fi adapter.

Preorder now
Patriot Box Office 1080P High Definition Media Player PCMPBO25 (Black)