Monday, August 15, 2011

JayBird Endorphin Rush Athletic Earphones Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Step up the bass and audio experience with 10mm high performance neodymium drivers. JayBird pushed the limits of acoustics to produce the balance of sound an athlete needs to push through the next barrier.

* The audio experience an athlete needs
* Great bass, crystal clear clarity
* Cord disappearing act
* Cord-securing slider creates a snug t behind your head
* Titanium Diaphragms
* Clear, crisp, true to life audio experience.
* LIFETIME Warranty Against Sweat
* We’ve got your customers covered
* Packaging & Out of box experience
* Presented like jewelry and shine nearly as well

If you need a good pair of earphones for the gym then read on to this review of the Jaybird Endorphin Rush. The Endorphin Rush includes a lifetime warranty against sweat so you gym rats can be happy to know these will be well worth the price.

Design: Let's start with the packaging, it is a durable box that looks like a Zune or iPod would go in it. It gives the appearance of a high end item. And the packaging makes it great for gift giving. The earphones include a case, cable manager, optional ear hooks, and six pairs of ear tips. Every part of the earphones feels solid and looks like they last a long time. The earphones run over your ear and behind your back making the earphones less noticeable.

Function: The Endorphin Rush was above average when it came to sound in this class of earphones. This model has a step up in bass driven by 10mm high performance neodymium drivers. They work best with hip hop and electronic type of music but should work fine with other genres also.

Conclusion: At only $99 with free shipping they compare nicely to other earphones that can cost $200-$300. These are geared towards the active person who workouts at the gym or runs miles. And those who like bass cannot find better earphones for this purpose.

9 out of 10

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