Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latte Mocha Series - Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction by DSP Technology Bluetooth Headset Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Latte's DSP technology produces crystal clear sound via noise reduction and echo cancellation. The Latte Mocha is super lightweight that not only provides maximum comfort even for long wearing periods, but also facilitates easy storage when the device is not in use. It allows you to talk freely even when your phone is in your pocket or across the room.


Bluetooth v2.0
Crystal clear sound
Ergonomic design
Voice dialing capable
30ft distance range


Type: Bluetooth Headset
DSP Technology: Noise Reduction & Echo Cancellation
Long operation time: up to 7 talk time and 170 hours standby time

Black - Latte Mocha Chocolate
White - Latte Mocha Vanilla
Silver - Latte Mocha Silver Maple
Blue - Latte Mocha Blueberry
Red - Latte Mocha Raspberry

Intro: I have been a fan of Latte products since reviewing their Latte Boom and Latte Slim. And then they released some nice MP4 players. Now they are offering some premium Bluetooth Headsets. This headset will be perfect for anyone looking for a headset for their iPhone or 3G iPhone.

Design: The first thing that comes to mind when putting the headset in ear is how comfortable it is. Usually the headset I wear are uncomfortable. While the Latte Bluetooth is the most comfortable headset I have worn. Also coming in 5 colors everybody will be happy along with excellent design and quality build quality.

Functions: This bluetooth has advanced features such as Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction. In testing the headset performed well reducing outside noise and echo. Sound quality is actually pretty good. I have found it overall clear when talking to someone on the headset. Also features Bluetooth v.2.0 so has a better than average battery life – the makers claim 7 hours talk time and 170 hours standby

Conclusion: For the price you won't find a better bluetooth headset with noise reduction, echo cancellation, clear sound, comfortable fit, and good value. It would be perfect to pair with your favorite cell phone like the 3G iPhone.

9.0 out of 10

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