Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$100 off + $120 Coupon Lenovo G550 15.6" 2GHz Dual-core LED-backlit Laptop $479.00

Lenovo has a fully loaded Lenovo G550 on sale for $479. To get this price you will have to use the $120 stackable coupon with the $100 instant discount. More details can be found on the site.

$100 off + $120 Coupon Lenovo G550 15.6" 2GHz Dual-core LED-backlit Laptop $479.00 via LogicBuy

ASUS O!Play - TV HD Media Player (Black) available tomorrow

The ASUS O!Play - TV HD Media Player will be available starting tomorrow Oct 1st at The price of the media player is $99.99 with free shipping. This is a great alternative to the Popcorn Hour and Western Digital WD HD TV media player.

Order now
ASUS O!Play - TV HD Media Player (Black)

iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset (Glossy Black) Review

Looking for a new bluetooth headset with the latest features. Then take a look at my review of the iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset. Read the entire review HERE

Ghost Armor Microsoft Zune HD Full Body Protector Review

The Microsoft Zune HD was just release and if you have not picked up a screen protector then take a look at my review. The Ghost Armor for Zune HD provide full body protection of your new device. Check out my review HERE

TatSkinz Design Contest

I know their are a lot of talented people out there who can design some awesome work. So if you happen to be one of those people check out this contest for a chance to win a 1,000 Scholarship or a Macbook. Details can be found on their site HERE

ZEN Refurbished 16GB for $83.99

Amazon has the ZEN Refurbished 16GB for $83.99 with free shipping. If your looking for a cheap name brand mp3 player with 16GB of space then look no further than this deal.

Order now
ZEN Refurbished 16GB

Yubz Retro Handset

If you hate talking on your cell because it feels uncomfortable can check out this accessory. The Yubz Retro Handset feels like your old home phone. But it connects to your cell phone and provides comfort, good sound, and reduce radiation for mobile phone users.

Available now for $39.95 HERE

Chumby One Clock Radio

Check out the new Chumby which will center on internet radio such as Pandora. The new Chumby will have access to internet radio, fm radio, widgets, 320x240 resolution screen, and 454 Mhz Processor. The price for all this will be around $100.

via the-Gadgeteer

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Western Digital, WD TV Mini Media Player for $73.92

Amazon has the Western Digital, WD TV Mini Media Player for $73.92 with free super saver shipping. That's 26% off retail price of $99.99.

Buy now
Western Digital, WD TV Mini Media Player WDBAAL0000NBK-NESN

Protective Crystal Case for PSP Go

DealExtreme has new PSP GO cases for $3.30 with free shipping. You can chose from clear, black, blue or pink.

- Made of high quality hard crystal plastics
- Protect your New PSP Go from any scratch and dirt
- Easy to install and remove, no any tool needed
- Cut-out design allows user can access all keypad / button and slot without having to remove the skin

Order now here
Translucent HERE
Translucent Black HERE
Translucent Blue HERE
Translucent Pink HERE

Microsoft's Free Antivirus software now available

Microsoft is now offering free antivirus software called Microsoft Security Essentials. The program is free for use on PC computers. According to PC world it does a good job of blocking malware but does not include firewall protection. Plus the software is rather slow compared to other free antivirus programs.

Download the software now HERE

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lighthouse SQ7 - Social Media Tablet

Lighthouse SQ7 is a small MID that features 7-inch touch screen, integrated Wi-Fi, and built-in voice recognition. The hardware is from Smart Devices, model SmartQ Q7. What AdelaVoice brings to the table is the software that includes voice recognition for use with browsing and social networks.

For more info click HERE

FREE retractable ethernet cable

MvixUSA is giving away a free retractable ethernet cable to the first 1000 who enter their anniversery giveaway. Click HERE before it's too late.

Peek Pronto with lifetime service

Peek is at it again with a lifetime service deal. This only happen once before and it's a great deal for lifetime email. The price is $299 and you get free service for life.

Peek Pronto Mobile Messaging Device with Lifetime Service Included (Grey)

Nikon Coolpix S1000pj commercial

Seeing a promotional video of the Nikon S1000pj shows theres a use for that built in projector and that's instant picture viewing anywhere and everywhere.

The video was directed by Matt Uhry, who has directed music videos from artists The Foo Fighters, The Strokes and Tears for Fears.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amazon offers $25 gift card with purchase of $199.99 Nintendo Wii

Amazon just sweetins the deal for the price reduced Nintendo Wii. Not only do you get the Wii at the lower $199.99 price point with free shipping. But you get a FREE $25 Amazon Gift Card too.

Get in on this deal while it last

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wallet Tablet (MID) first hand on

eviGroup's Wallet buzz is getting some nice buzz around their Android MID. Well now a youtube hands on videos has popped up. Check it out now and expect this to drop sometime in December or Jan 2010 in France.

Friday, September 25, 2009

$166 off + 10% Coupon Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Laptop with Multi-touch Screen $1,799.10

Lenovo has the newly released T400 with multi-touch for $1,799.10. You save $166 instantly and use another coupon to get 10% off. Not a bad deal, plus you get free shipping too.

$166 off + 10% Coupon Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Laptop with Multi-touch Screen $1,799.10 via LogicBuy

Palm Pre Phone (Sprint) drops to $99.99 with contract

Amazon has drop the price of the Palm Pre to $99.99 with a contract. This is rather low for a good quality phone. Get the phone that everyone is talking about now.

Order at here
Palm Pre Phone (Sprint)

iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset launches

iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset has just launch for less than $80. The headset uses Bluetooth v2.1 which pairs with a phone without the need of a pin number. Also features dual mics, advanced noise filtering, and comes in black, silver, and red.

Order one now at here
iTech i.VoicePRO 901 Bluetooth Headset (Glossy Black)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

BodyGuardz for Microsoft Zune HD Full Body Review

The ZHD was just released and you going to need to protect. Don't go with any piece of plastic. Make sure it's high quality like the one's from BodyGuardz. Check out my review of the BodyGuardz for Microsoft Zune HD Full Body HERE

Microsoft's Courier Tablet

Look out Apple, Microsoft might end up blowing away the Apple Tablet. The Courier is a book type multi-touch tablet. It appears to have a similar drag type feature shown on the Surface. According to Gizmodo this is a late prototype. If they could hit the market with this before the Apple Tablet comes out, it could be a big win for MS.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jaguar to add HD Radio to future models

Jaguar has announce adoption of HD Radio as a standard feature on XKR, XFR,and their upcoming flagship model XJ. Two other models (XK and XF) will have the option of HD Radio integration.

PR Newswire

via Gadgeteer

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD 20% off Coupon Code (MacBook, iPhone, Kindle, Palm Pre, more)

ZaGG shields offer one of the best full body protectors for gadgets. They are currently offering 20% off on popular products. Coupon code ending soon.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD 20% off Coupon Code (MacBook, iPhone, Kindle, Palm Pre, more)via LogicBuy

Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speaker Review

Whether you have a Blackberry, iPhone 3GS, or iPod Touch 3G, your going to want my next reviewed product. The Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth brings big sound to your devices. It also has a solar panel for charging and Bluetooth for no wires. Check out my review HERE


In my continuation of reviewing active life equipment. I review the Weider PowerBell. With all the poor home gym equipment, I thought I review products that actually do work and are worth the money. Check out my review of the Weider 20lB PowerBell HERE

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the-gadgeteer reviews Brite-View CinemaCube Media Player

the-gadgeteer has posted their review of the Brite-View CinemaCube Media player and seemed to like it.

I really like this device. It is not without its limitations, but what it can do for the price is pretty impressive.

The CinemaCube has dropped in price to affordable $64.99. You can order one now HERE

via the-gadgeteer

UberGizmo reviews Archos 5 Internet Tablet

UberGizmo has posted their review of the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. The Tablet runs Android operating system.

The Archos 5 Android Tablet is a very interesting product and I wonder if it will spark a new category of larger touch device. So far, the most successful ones are in the 3.5" category, but the larger screen makes the media experience much better - even if it makes the pocketable experience bulkier. What is the best compromise? Only time, and the market, will tell. At $250, the 8GB version seems to be a great entry price for a small Internet Tablet.

Check out the entire indepth review HERE

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Stylish Solar Power Bluetooth Headset

Brando has a solar power bluetooth headset. This headset features A2DP, Headset, Handsfree Profiles. It also has some type of noise cancellation and of course can be powered by the sun. Price is $66.90 and available now from brando HERE

Sunday, September 20, 2009

AmazonBasics 8.5GB 8x DVD+R DL (50-Pack Spindle) for $35.05 with free shipping

Amazon has just released their own house brand, AmazonBasics. This 50 pack of AmazonBasics branded DVD+R DL is only $35.05. In addition you get free shipping.

Order now
AmazonBasics 8.5GB 8x DVD+R DL (50-Pack Spindle) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]

NEW! Dell Inspiron 14z 14-in ULV Ultra-thin Laptop $649.00

Looking for a new Dell laptop? Then look no further than the new 14z model which goes for $649. It features built in DVD+/-RW optical drive, Dual Core processor, 160GB hard drive, and more.

NEW! Dell Inspiron 14z 14-in ULV Ultra-thin Laptop $649.00 via LogicBuy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

PSP Go set for Oct 1st Preorder now

Sony's PSPGo is set for release October 1st. If you want it now before the rush preorder teh handheld gaming console now. Amazon has the PSPGo for $248.99. Theres even release-date delivery.

Preorder now
PSP Go - Black

Friday, September 18, 2009

Latte Espresso PMP player Review

We got a chance to go hands on with the Latte Espresso PMP player. This player feature 8GB/16 capacity, haptic touch screen, 3 inch display and more.

Check out my full review HERE

Teclast T56 PMP does 1080P

Now the popularity of high-definition MP4 can be basically smooth playback of RMVB format of 1280 * 720 high-definition video, but the 720P playback h.264-encoded HD video is more difficult. While we are all still to play 720P high-definition video can not be smooth, when depressed, Taipower technology broke the news that you can smooth playback full HD resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD video MP4 will soon be the new market, and learned that this MP4 The model T56.

It is reported, this T56 Full HD Full HD MP4 using South Korean Telechips's latest TCC8900 master chip, TCC8900 master built-in ARM11 RISC processor. Taiwan Power Technology has been working with South Korean Telechips companies have good relations of cooperation, from the 2005 Taiwan Power Company C150, T19's TCC760 master, to Taipower T29's TCC770 master until the TCC8200 Taipower T39 master, Taiwan Power Technology is Telechips in China's largest partners.

According to the information disclosed, T56 will support H.264, VC-1 and other mainstream smooth playback high-definition video encoding format. In addition, it will also support the HDMI Full HD output, requires only one line of LCD TVs can be connected directly, the output full HD Full HD video. At the same time, T56 will also support OTG function, can read the mobile hard disk, U disk inside the video file, as long as another to add a cheap external hard drive case you can easily set up high-definition theater, this is also a convenient and inexpensive HD Theater solution. On the screen, T56 will be equipped with low-temperature polysilicon LTPS LCD screen 800 * 480 resolution, viewing angle approaching 180 degrees, to meet the higher needs of the user screen. The current shape of the aircraft is still an unknown, the price also has no relevant information.

Update looks like imp3 had the wrong info. Here is the updated pic of the Teclast T56. Thanks MP4nation.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

$744 off + 15% Coupon Lenovo ThinkPad W700 17-in Centrino 2 Mobile Workstation Notebook $1,274.15

Lenovo has the Lenovo ThinkPad W700 for $1.274.15. You can save $744 instantly and stack a 15% coupon along the way.

$744 off + 15% Coupon Lenovo ThinkPad W700 17-in Centrino 2 Mobile Workstation Notebook $1,274.15 via LogicBuy

Mionix Saiph 1800 Gaming Mouse Review

For all the gamers out there, you can check out my review of the Mionix gaming mouse. This mouse have features that gamers want. So check out my review of the Saiph 1800 gaming mouse HERE

Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset Ebony Black Review

Yes we know you've seen a million Bluetooth Headsets. But if your looking at one with comfort, sound quality, and noise cancellation then take a look at Sound ID's latest offering.

Check out my complete review of the Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset HERE

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

$412 off + 10% Coupon Lenovo ThinkPad T500 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo Laptop with Privacy Filter $701.10

Lenovo has a deal on Core 2 Duo Laptop. You can pick one up for just over $700. The fully loaded laptop includes an upgrade to Windows 7. Get on this deal now before time runs out.

$412 off + 10% Coupon Lenovo ThinkPad T500 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo Laptop with Privacy Filter $701.10 via LogicBuy

Duracell Instant Charger Review

Duracell makes things other than batteries. Here is my review of the Duracell Instant Charger. This charger can charge your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Smartphone. Check out my full review HERE

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BodyGuardz for Microsoft Zune HD full body protector

BodyGuardz my favorite company for full boy protectors for gadgets has now made available the BodyGuardz for Microsoft Zune HD. You can either choose the screen protector for $14.95 or go with the full body protector for $24.95.

Buy one now HERE

Zune HD available now

Finally Microsoft's answer to the iPod Touch is available now. The Zune HD is completely redesigned from the ground up. Order one now and experience OLED touchscreen, HD Radio, Nvidia Tegra graphics, and HD video out.

In Stock at Amazon
Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player (Platinum)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Latte Espresso PMP

Latte Communications presents their latest PMP player. The Latte Espresso is big on features, sporting a 3-inch haptic touchscreen with a resolution of 420x240. G-Sensor allows you to change orientation from portrait to landscape just by flipping the screen. Supports popular formats MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, APE, and OGG for audio and AVI, RM/RMVB, FLV, WMV, 3GP, MPG, DAT, and MP4 formats for video.

The Espresso offers about 15 hours of playback of music or 4 hours of video on a single charge. Other features include picture/text viewer, FM Transceiver, and voice recorder. The Espresso is available in 8GB and 16GB capacities and is available now. The 16GB will set you back $99.99 through Amazon.

via LatteZone

Buy one now
Latte Espresso 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Haptic G-Sensor and Touchscreen (Metal Gun)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Get $9 off new 5th Generation Nano from Amazon

Amazon is doing a slight deal on the new iPod Nano 5th Generation. This only pertains to the Orange 16GB model which sells for $169.99 with free shipping and most states no tax. That's $9.01 off retail.

Preorder now