Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfect Pushup V2 Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

The Perfect Pushup V2 takes the push up to the next level with reinforced construction and improved functionality. Be one of the first to own the V2!

Only available online!

A Revolution in Design

Reinforced Construction

* 30% more ball bearings + reinforced internal workings
* Each handle weighs 2.5lbs and can support a load capacity of 300 lbs
* Weight vest certified

Improved Grip + Better Rotation

* The Perfect Grip is padded and slightly grooved for better feel with a wider surface area to better spread weight and reduce point load
* Smoother rotation reduces joint strain and engages more muscle

Increased Stability

* Wider turntable increases torsional stiffness for solid feel during wide-grip pushups and extreme workouts
* New off-road tire inspired tread provides better ground connection and non-slip feature

Intro: Sometimes you just need a little motivation to get active. The Perfect Pushup V2 maybe kick start my need to do more pushups during the day.

Design: The Perfect Pushup is made of solid construction with reinforced internal parts can hold 300lbs per handle. Each handle weighs 2.5lbs. You can choose from three color handles from black to grey to red. The Perfect Pushup V2 is built to last and easy to store in a small space. Pack in a duffle bag and take it with you when you travel.

Features: When you do normal pushups it takes maybe 10-20 to even start to feel some toning of the muscles. The Perfect Pushup V2 gives you a workout from just one pushup. It works your upper body immediately. By the end of doing the workout I feel it all over. Plus I don't feel as much pressure on my joints as I do when I do regular pushups.

Conclusion: The Perfect Pushup V2 simply works. It should be used by anyone looking to work their upper body, arms, and back. And at under $40 it's cheaper than joining a gym. If you want to see results of a better body then check out the Perfect Pushup V2.

9.8 Out of 10

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