Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kworld External ATSC/QAM TVBox HDMI Edition (SA295-Q DE) Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

I was looking for a TV tuner but one that wouldn’t require a PC to use. The Kworld External ATSC/QAM TVBox seemed like a perfect fit. It was the tuner I was looking for. One that can playback over the air HD channels as well as Unencrypted QAM channels.

The TVBox is versatile in that it can be used with an old analog TV, HDTV, LCD panel, or monitor. In addition you don't need a PC to use it. The problem with PC TV Tuners is that you need a high spec PC or else your will get stuttering video. With the TVBox you get the same quality as built in tuners in HDTVs. I compared the two and they are almost identical in quality.

The KWorld TVBox comes with a whole lot of adapters to make it work with a lot of devices. I tried it with my Dell 1900fp 19 inch LCD that I wasn't using for anything. It was actually sitting in the basement. Now I can playback HD channels on it and use it as another TV in the household.

In addition some HDTVs don’t have built in QAM Tuners. So this would be a great TV tuner for budget plasma TVs as well. QAM channels are unencrypted channels that cable companies allow free viewing. I pretty much double my channels with the QAM channels Comcast provides.

Next we have Over the Air HD channels. The tuner comes with a mini antenna to view over the air content. Quality is overall reasonably good.

I highly recommend the Kworld External ATSC/QAM TVBox! It is well worth it in turning your old analog TV into a HDTV ready digital ATSC TV. The quality of channels is very good. The only negative thing I have on the device was the manual didn't explain a lot. This made me figure out how everything works on my own. Other than that this is a solid TV tuner that's worth giving a try.

9 Out of 10

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