Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Noreve Amazon Kindle 3 Tradition leather case Review

I just bought the latest generation of Amazon Kindle 3 and was looking for a case for it. The Kindle 3 is the best eBook Reader hands down. The selection of Kindle 3 cases is rather limited since it just released. Noreve is one the companies that stands out when it comes to cases for high tech gadgets.

When I received the Noreve case I was instantly impressed by the case. It felt of high quality and built to last. You can choose from a number of colors and textures for case at I chose the standard black leather case. The case starting price is $77.16 and goes up when you customize it.

The Noreve case was built for the Amazon Kindle 3 and fits it like a glove. Instead of rubber bands that go over the edges of the Kindle, Noreve uses a rail system that makes sure the Kindle fits the case secure. The case is made of handcrafted leather and top notch in feel and looks. The case also has a built in section for all your credit cards, cash, business cards, passport, and tickets. The case has a built in stand so you can read while setting the Kindle on a Desk.

The Noreve Amazon Kindle 3 Tradition leather case is the best available case for the Kindle 3. The case is stylish, slim, and durable and will keep your new Kindle protected. I would recommend anyone who wants an amazing case to check out Noreve Amazon Kindle 3 Tradition leather case.

9.9 Out of 10

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