Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple Spaceship headquaters delayed till mid 2016

The unique spaceship shaped Apple Headquaters won't be built til mid 2016. The delay was cause by an environmental survey that won't be completed til 2014. The headquarters is designed as a big circle featuring four stories and a whopping 2.8 million square feet. The new Apple headquarters may house as many as 14,200 people. The design of the spaceship will not have a single piece of straight glass as it entirely curved. The campus will be 80 percent landscape with 7,000 trees. via Cnet

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paul Otellini Intel CEO retires early

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has decided to retire in May.  This is a bad time for Intel with ARM processor dominating the Smartphone and Tablet market.  Intel has not taken control of the mobile processor market and a change was in order.  A new CEO may bring the company back into the foray in terms of mobile chips.

via WSJ

Republic Wireless comes out of beta, launches $19/month unlimited wireless network

Republic Wireless is out of beta and now offering unlimited unlimited talk, text, and data for just $19 per month.  This sounds too good to be true and it sort of is.  The service uses wifi as the main source of phone service with 3G as a backup.  Several complaints say that the service is very spotty and switching from wifi to 3G drop calls.

more details found HERE

Samsung Galaxy Camera hands on review

Liliputing has posted up a video of the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a hybrid camera slash Android player.  Check out the video now.

$300 Windows 8 Pro Tablet

The Microsoft Surface has gotten mixed reviews but if you want the full Windows 8 experience you want a tablet that is backwards compatible with existing programs. The ExoPC here is only $300 plus shipping and you can install the full version of Windows 8 on it. The ExoPC also features some nice specs including an 1.66Ghz Intel® Atom™ Processor N450, 2GB Ram, 32GB SSD, 11.6” TFT LCD HD Glossy Widescreen, wifi and bluetooth,and ton of features. Buy it now here

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Black & Decker Gyro Reviewed

At our sister site GizmoScene has posted up a review of the The Black & Decker Gyro. The Gyro is the first power screw driver with motion sensing gyroscopic technology in a electric screwdriver. Check out our complete review HERE

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flagship Apple store in Palo Alto really noisy

Looks like someone goofed when they created a Flashship Apple Store with glass ceilings the noise levels bounce off the glass without any dampening sound absorbing material.  This seems like a design flaw in this Apple Store.  Former marketing and advanced product development director at Apple, Monsieur Gassee notices this immediately when arriving at the store.  He measured the sound level using an app on his iPhone and found the sound to be 75 decibels. 

via ReadWrite

Monday, November 12, 2012

iPhone 5S to debut mid next year

Digitimes is reporting than Apple may release an iPhone 5s sooner than expected.

Facing low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification processes for related parts and components for the iPhone 5S, the paper revealed.

According to the report Apple will start production on the iPhone 5s as soon as Q1 2013.  In another report Digitimes is reporting that a new iPad maybe in the works as well.

via Tapscape 

50" Panasonic VIERA TC-P50U50 1080p Plasma HDTV $600 + Free shipping

Amazon has an incredible deal on a 50 inch Panasonic VIERA Plasma for only $600 plus free shipping. This is currently the second best selling model on Amazon and I can see why at this price. Buy it now here Panasonic VIERA TC-P50U50 50-Inch 1080p Full HD Plasma TV

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Google offers refunds to customer who bought Nexus 7 before price drop

If you bought a Nexus 7 between 14th and the 29th of October you may be eligible for a refund.  Google unlike Apple does not want to upset previous customers and offering up a refund who just bought a Nexus 7 right before the price was drop.

via Ubergizmo

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Intel takes on Mac Mini with $300 NUC mini-PC

Intel plans to sell a new mini pc box for $300.  This mini pc will have a Core i3 Ivy Bridge processor and Intel HD 4000 graphics.  The Intel NUC(Next Unit of Computing)  will sell at Newegg and Amazon starting in December.  The mini box will include a case, motherboard and processor.  You will need to supply the memory, storage, and operating system.

via Liliputing

Friday, November 09, 2012

iPad mini in car dash

Soundman installs the new iPAd mini into the dash of Mr. Mat's a Volkswagom CC. The iPad mini clips into the dash bezel with the smart cover magnents (whch are built into the iPad).

iPad mini LTE models set to ship in five days

Look like those who opted for the LTE version of the iPad Mini only have wait 5 more days.  A message from the Apple shows that in 5 days the LTE iPad will start shipping.

via AppleInsider

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Microsoft Messenger disappearing as it will merge with Skype

Microsoft who owns Skype will merge it's MSN Messenger into the Skype program.  As voice and video chat are becoming more popular Microsoft feels regular chat needs to go away.  So in the future Skype will be the program for voice calls to phone(for pay), video chat, voice chat, and text chat program in one.

via Liliputing

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera launches in the UK this week

The unique Samsung Galaxy Camera launches in the UK this week.  To refresh your memory this camera features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean inside.  This means this doubles as an Android player as well as camera.  The camera is set for a November 7th release in the UK.

via Liliputing

Orient Goldeneye is best under $300 watch

Orient who is owned by Seiko produces the best bang for your buck Automatic watch for under $300.  The watch features a classic sleek design with Sapphire Crystal.  In addition it features in house movement 21 Jewels Self Winding Movement.

Buy it now here

Orient Open Heart Automatic Watch with Sapphire Crystal CDB05001W

New iPad 4th Gen Reviewed

Slashgear has posted up a review of the 4th generation iPad.  The iPad was blip on the announcement scale when everyone was anticipating the iPad Mini.  The review points out this is a very minimal update with chip upgrade, new connector, and better front facing camera.

The third-generation iPad arguably didn’t need refreshing; in fact, if Apple hadn’t opted to change to Lightning, it could realistically have held off changing its largest tablet until early 2013, as per its typical yearly refresh cycle. That makes for a reasonably straightforward upgrade decision if you’re a 3rd-gen iPad owner. Unless you’re desperate for Lightning – perhaps you’ve also got an iPhone 5, and want to use all the same accessories rather than buy the adapter dongle – then we’re yet to see apps that really demand the potent A6X chipset.

read entire review HERE

Friday, November 02, 2012

SlashGear reviews Nexus 4

Vincent Nguyen of Slashgear has posted a review of the highly anticipated Nexus 4.  Check out the full review HERE

Nexus devices are already appealing, being as they are at the front of the line for new Android updates, but until now there’s always been a compromise somewhere along the way. With the Nexus 4, the compromise is as small as its ever been, and the fact that it’s so very affordable makes it strongly recommended for those wanting the best of Android today.

iPad Mini launch day has small lines

The iPad Mini launched today with less fanfare than other launches.  According to multiple sources lines at retail stores for the iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad were sparse.  This could be more people preordering the device online than waiting it out in store.  I myself received the iPad Mini by Fedex this morning at 8:30 am.  A quick visit to the local Apple Store showed a lot of activity though I did not see a lot of people walk out with devices in hand.

via Cnet

JBL debuts SoundFly Air speaker

JBL has debuted the SoundFly Air Speaker which is compatible with iOS devices.  The speaker can be used with Apple Airplay to wireless play music through wifi.  The 20 watt speaker comes in white with a black grille.

via iLounge