Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hostgator review

I just sign up for Hostgator shared hosting today. Unfortunately I made a mistake and signup for the 1 cent 30 day plan. I wanted to try out the service before I committed to 3 years with them. Unfortunately I come to find out you can only use 1 coupon code for the lifetime of your account. When I searched for Hostgator coupon codes there was no mention that you can only use them with new account and not with renewals. Had I known I would have went with the 3 year plan with 25% off coupon code. I tried in vein to chat with customer service to see if they could swap out the plans but they were dead set on the rules even though I signup today. After 30 days I will likely looking for a new hosting service.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick rebranded FXI Cotton Candy USB Android on stick

Just when you thought the FXI Cotton Candy maybe vaporware comes news that it will be sold by TELEFUNKEN SE under the name TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick. The USB Android computer on a stick will be sold at the end of 2012.

Press Release below

TELEFUNKEN SE is moving into the growing market of micro-computers

One of the world’s smallest computers on a USB stick

Compatible with every monitor, television, smartphone and computer via HDMI, USB 2.0, Bluetooth and WLAN

Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac based devices

Supports Android and Ubuntu operating systems

For the first time, TELEFUNKEN SE will present the TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick micro-computer concept at this year’s IFA in Berlin. As one of the world’s smallest computers in USB-stick format, the TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick will fit in any trouser pocket or purse. The stick will be able to transform all displays, televisions and monitors into smart personal computing devices via USB 2.0, HDMI, Bluetooth or WLAN.

With the final retail version of the TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick, users will be able to process and present data on a monitor anywhere in the world, accessing it from a smartphone, a tablet computer or in the Cloud. They can also view their photos, videos and films in HD quality, as well as access smartphone apps and Internet games.

Different worlds, but only one device

Users will be able to choose between Android and Linux operating systems, allowing content to be easily presented, processed or exchanged on either a Mac or a PC. A Bluetooth and WLAN interface on the TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick will provide a connection between the display and various input devices, such as a mouse or keyboard and ensures smartphone communication.

“Thanks to the support of FXI Technologies we are pleased to have won a partner who meets our high standards and quality and offers high level of innovation,” says Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt, CEO of TELEFUNKEN SE. “With access to the FXI any screen micro-computer architecture, TELEFUNKEN would be able to service many markets and applications with the same level of service and performance the brand is known for,” supplemented Borgar Ljosland, CEO of FXI Technologies.

Price and availability

The market introduction of the TELEFUNKEN Smart Stick is scheduled for the end of 2012. Specifications including retail price and distribution channels will be released just prior to launch.


Since the company was founded in 1903, the TELEFUNKEN brand has stood for the basic principles of German engineering, namely high quality and innovation. Today, a company owned by TELEFUNKEN SE, Frankfurt/Main, holds the rights to the trademark. Together with companies belonging to the TELEFUNKEN Partner Alliance, a worldwide network of independent enterprises, and as part of its own industrial business operated with the participation of TELEFUNKEN partners, products reflecting the traditional brand values are developed and distributed in the fields of consumer electronics, innovative lighting technologies, hi-fi, major electrical appliances, car entertainment, healthcare, smart building solutions/home control, home security, IT and communications electronics.