Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Reviewed by K.C. Kim

The AfterGlow controller has now reached the next level of gaming for the PS3. This controller displays a new Night Glow LED system and a specialized glowing medallion for a cooler glow effect to really light up your gameplay. The AfterGlow controller is a fully analog controller that supports both PS2 and PS3 games played on a PS3 system. Added controller features include tactile rubberized grips for added comfort and step down trigger-style L2/R2 Buttons for increased gaming performance. Available in 4 colors (Blue, White, Red and Green).

If you just bought a new console then you’re going to want an additional controller when friends come over. Spending too much on a second controller doesn't make sense for most people. They will probably be playing single player most of the time with occasionally playing with someone else. This is why I don't dare to spend too much on a second controller for my PS3. The Pelican AfterGlow hits the sweet spot for me. It offers great features at a cheap price point.

While the price is cheap the quality it not. The Afterglow controller has a nice feeling in hand. While made of mostly plastic, it feels very rugged and can't take some bumps. The controller has clear plastic that glows in a dark room with it are built in LEDs. The controller also has a dedicated Home button which some 3rd party controller doesn’t have.

I found the Afterglow controller to be even more comfortable than the stock PS3 controller. The controller also has a nice grip to it. The dual sticks work rather well and the top triggers buttons feel good too. The controller is wired but comes with a long wire so not a huge issue.

At under $20 the Afterglow controller for PS3 is the perfect second controller for your PS3. The money you save you can end up buying a game with. The controller works well and has a little flashy design with the LED lights.

8.9 Out of 10

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