Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oberon Design Dragonfly Pond Amazon Kindle 3 Cover Case Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

When I buy a new gadget I definitely want the best case to protect it. And Oberon Design is one company who creates amazing custom cases. Unlike other companies that have warehouse full of machine made leather cases, Oberon Design makes their covers when you order. The handmade covers are made here in the U.S. by skilled craftspeople.

Oberon Design website allows you to pick and choose what design you want. I chose the blue Dragonfly Pond cover which looks amazing in person. The cover is made of leather which is thicker than your average case for better protection for your Kindle 3. The front of the cover closes secure with a band over a square pewter button with a Dragonfly design.

The interior has soft material so the case does not damage the Kindle 3. This is very important as in the past I bought an expensive case from a different manufacturer and the case ended up scratching the gadget. The Amazon Kindle is secured using leather and elastic loops that cover over the corners of the Kindle 3. Once secured the Kindle 3 stayed put no matter how much I shook it.

Oberon Design makes the best custom cases that are a bit expensive but worth every penny for the amount of detail, craftsmanship, and quality materials they used. Once you own an Oberon Design you get pretty addicted to buying only Oberon Design cases. I'm 100% positive you will love this case.

9.7 Out of 10

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