Monday, August 15, 2011

Clickfree™ TravelerFL160 16GB Flash Credit-Card Sized Automated Backup Solution USB drive Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
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The Clickfree™ Traveler can automatically back up more than 400 different file types, including:

* Photos files
* Music files
* Video files
* Presentations
* E-mail
* Artwork
* Spreadsheets
* Documents
* Tax returns
* Accounting documents
* Favorite websites
...and so much more!

The Clickfree™ Traveler offers incremental backup; upon first connection it will automatically find all of the user data files and copy them to the hard drive. Each time after that, it will only back up the new files or the ones that have changed.

While the software's default settings will probably be sufficient for most users, it is user-modifiable, providing full control over the backup settings. Even after the settings have been changed, the backup will still run without any user interaction.

Backs up data from multiple computers. Easily restore your lost files back to your computer. Transfer your files to a new computer. Share photos, music and videos with friends!

I am often called upon from family and friends to help fix their computer. I guess you can call me free tech support. Most of the time it’s just scanning their computer and getting rid of junk. But most tend to forget to backup important files. When your important files get corrupted then you can’t get them back. Things like Tax returns, documents, family pictures are important things you want to keep safe.

There are many backup solutions out there but I wanted one that anyone can use. That’s why I came upon Clickfree Traveler. This backup solution advertises no setup or software to install. A plug and play solution should work for everyone.

The Clickfree traveler is the size of a credit card. The drive has its own built in usb connecter. All you do is connect the Clickfree traveler and wait for it to load its program. The Clickfree will show a countdown. If you do not continue the Clickfree will auto backup. It you choose enter. You will be able to search files. Then it will ask you which files to choose. Since I am reviewing the 16GB model obviously my entire hard drive can’t be backup. So I chose to backup only certain files. Simple as that your files are now safe on a solid state flash drive.

This solution is best for the traveler. It can easily fit into your wallet and backup your important files. The price is pretty good for a backup solution. And this model can be used with MAC as well as PC. For someone who wants to backup their most important files easily this is one of the best solutions available.

9.8 Out of 10

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