Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memorex Essential TravelDrive 320GB USB 2.0 2.5HDD Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

I know Memorex mostly for their blank media for burning cds and DVDs. But they do sell other great products such as this external drive they just came out with called the Memorex Essential TravelDrive. This was good timing as I was looking to buy a small hard drive that is powered by USB that I could use with my HP 2133 Mini-Note Netbook.

I received the Memorex Essential TravelDrive 320GB version in Tropical Green (one of 4 colors you can get it in. The others Spring Blossom, Caribbean Blue or Cool Silver.) You can also get this in other sizes such as 160 GB and 250 GB.

The size of external hard drive is rather small and works well with my smaller than average laptop HP2133. This makes this drive highly portable. No ac drive is needed. The drive has a mini-usb cable on one side that goes into the hard drive and two full size usb to plug into your PC, Mac, or laptop. The two usb is if one is not enough juice to power the unit. Which wasn’t a problem in my case.

Pricing starts at only $89 and is well worth it for someone who needs to travel and carry all there documents, pictures, videos, and more. Also since it’s so small I can swap it into my PC, laptop, and even my personal media player (Mediagate MG-450) which can play videos off the external drive.

Everyone needs some extra space to store all their personal files. WIth the essential traveldrive you can do that while staying highly portable.

9 out of 10

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