Monday, August 15, 2011

IronKey Secure Flash Drive (4GB) Review

Review by K.C. Kim
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I was looking for a secure USB flash drive to store important data. When I saw an ad on a popular gadget blog for the IronKey I thought I would further investigate it. On their website the Ironkey is used by businesses, government, and individuals that want extra security for their most important data. The hardware uses hardware-based encryption so you know your data is safe.

The Ironkey is well built and made of metal. If feels like it’s built to last a long time. The quality is better than any other flash drive I’ve used yet. All my other flash drives are made of cheap plastic.


The flash drive is plug and play when using Windows XP or Vista. When I connected it to my XP PC, it quickly found the drive and was up and working. Next you will be asked to create a password. 10 incorrect passwords make the drive not work. Once you have your password you will be offered online services to protect Web surfing with the portable Firefox Web browser. You can choose yes or do this later on. Finally we get to control panel where you have many options.

If you want a solidly built flash drive that provides hardware-base encryption for your data and passwords then the Ironkey maybe right for you. It’s rather simple for anyone to use while keeping your data protected to the max.

9.2 Out of 10

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