Thursday, August 11, 2011

SoundID SM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

Reviewed by KC Kim
$129.99 Retail

Product Description
Designed for versatility, the SM100 offers three modes of use, Mobile Mode, EnvironmentalMode, and One2One Mode. This lightweight and ergonomic in-ear headset can wirelessly connect to compatible devices, amplify surrounding sound when not being used with a mobile phone for enhanced in-person communications, as well as link to another SM100 EarModule to form two-way radio connections.

Intro:I have tested several Bluetooth headsets but never satisfied by the perfect balance between function and style. While there have been several contenders none jump to mind as a headset I would use on a daily basis for work and play.

Design: First thing I noticed when I ripped open the box was just how small the SM100 is. From the pictures on the internet I imagine it would be bigger. But to my surprise it’s one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets I have ever seen. Not only that but the design is top notch as well. With silver metallic finish on the outside and a black matte finish on inner side.

Function: The SM100 comes with a ton of features. Some unique and others improved over other Bluetooth headsets. First there are 3 settings for Personal Sound (Normal, Moderate, and Strong). This enhancing the sound of the headset to certain degrees. Next there is an Environmental mode. This is for when you have the headset in your ear but not during a call. Normally other headsets will block most of the outside environment. With this feature it actually amplifies your surroundings. Finally One2One mode which is acts as an ad-hoc two way radio provided you have another SM100 in your area.

Call quality was excellent. When talking to others using the headset the clarity was clear and also the headset does a good job of background noise reduction wind noise reduction.

Battery life is rated at 8 hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby. With Environmental Mode the Standby time reduces to around 24hours.

Conclusion: At $129.99 this headset is not cheap. But you do get what you pay for. A solid Bluetooth headset that features unique functions and in a small compact design. So I would say the price is definitely reasonable for what you’re getting.

9.5 Out of 10

To purchase go to the official site to find where this SoundID Sm100 is available HERE

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