Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Palm Pre can play PS1 Games

Not too long ago the Palm Pre is released and we already seeing a PS1 emulator working with the phone. psx4all team have already got a game running and hope to get sound working soon.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yet another gigantic statue

After the life size Gundam statue, we see another big robot hit Japan. This one will be the Tetsujin-28, AKA Gigantor. Based on the video the project is well on it's way.

Phosphor E Ink Digital Calendar Watch with Black Polyurethane Band Reviewed

Phosphor has come out with their latest E-Ink watches. And we were able to grab their latest Phosphor E-Ink Digital Calendar watch. Check out our full review HERE

Twilight Watch reviewed

What would Edward Cullen wear around his wrist? Maybe this Twilight watch that constantly changes from light to dark. At $120 this is part of the mystery watches sold by Projects-US. You can order one now HERE and then check out my complete review HERE

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keychain Car Key Security Spy Camera

If you have any little James Bond or Ethan Hunt in you check out this cool spy camera. It attaches to your keys and looks like car keychain that unlocks your car. But it is a video camera plus digital camera. Take photos or video with 2GB of internal memory. Price is $66.

via Brando

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle clone

Dealextreme has the 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle clone available in black or silver. Price is only $14.25. Comes with 2GB of internal memory, built in battery, and a 3.5mm Jack.

Black HERE
Silver HERE

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New iPod Touch in September

Looks like we may see a refresh of the iPod Touch in the near future. Using the tool BlueTool initialization script shows a iPod3,1. Since the current model is called iPod2,1. Naturally people are speculating that a new Touch is on the way.

via Cnet

WatchReport review Phosphor E-Ink Watches

WatchReport has posted a hands on review of two new watch from Phosphor. These watches use E-Ink technology that Ebook Readers use. Here is what they have to say about these new oversized curved E-Ink watches:

Either one makes a nice conversation piece, as the curved e-ink display is eye-catching and new. I'm impressed with the design and execution on these, and look forward to seeing what else Phosphor can do with the new capabilities e-ink brings to timekeeping display.

Read entire review HERE

Monday, June 22, 2009

First look at Phosphor Digital Calendar Watch

Phosphor is the main seller of these new E-Ink Watches. With their next generation of E-Ink watches they go with more style and curves. The watch is oversized but curved so it fits your wrist like a wrist band. The E-Ink is very visible and readable. Overall a very unique watch to add to your collection.

Buy now HERE

Friday, June 19, 2009

Curtis Mathes Blu-ray Disc Player for $99.99 with free shipping code

Finally the Blu-ray player is affordable with the Curtis Blu-Ray Player. The cost is only $99.99 with free shipping with code DOTMJR09. I have owned a Curtis DVD/VHS player and it's not bad. Though the warranty on the DVD/VHS player was only 6 months. The Blu-Ray player comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Meijer offers a 1 yr replacement plan for $7.99. User rated 4 1/2 out of 5.

Product Page HERE

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attack of the clones Venus JXD300 is a PSP clone

Here is yet another PSP like clone from China. Of course this will not play PSP quality games. Instead this plays GBA & NES. The JXD300 has a 3-inch screen and supports RMVB, RM, AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG and FLV at resolutions up to 1280 x 720. To round out the features it includes tv out, 2 mp camera, fm radio, video recording, and ereader.

via MP4nation blog

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clickfree™ TravelerFL160 16GB Flash Credit-Card Sized Automated Backup Solution USB drive Review

The easiest auomatic backup drive that fits in your wallet is the clickfree traveler. It comes with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB flash memory. Check out our review of the clickfree traveler HERE

IronKey Secure Flash Drive (4GB) Review

Want more security to hold your most important data then take a look at my review of the IronKey Secure Flash Drive. The drive offers password protection and hardware encryption.

Read entire review HERE

Mintpass Mintpads now available in limited supply

Pocketables has posted that the Mintpass Mintpads are available now to order. You will have to post on her blog for further details HERE.
The cost will be $169 plus shipping.

via Pocketables

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

boynq® Pad2Go™ Retractable Mouse Pad for $3.99

boynq® Pad2Go™ Retractable Mouse Pad (White)

Reg.: $19.99
You save: -$16.00

(sale price)
Sale valid until 06/30/09

A better mouse pad.
The Pad2Go is the ideal travel mousepad that can be stored in any type of luggage. It's retractable and stores itself in a tube when not in use.

* Lightweight and compact retractable mousepad, 7.9x7.9" (20x20cm)
* Release button to retract the mousepad

Product Page HERE

Monday, June 15, 2009

Samsung adds new colors and capacity to S line of hard drives

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd today announced new colors(Sweet Pink and Ocean Blue) along with a new 160 Gigabyte (GB) density for the 1.8 inch S1 Mini drive. The “Pop” edition is shipping now and will be available globally through retail channels by the end of June.

via Samsung

Friday, June 12, 2009

Three Robot with a netbook brain

He an interesting gadget for your netbook. Three is a netbook powered robot where you docked your netbook and use the USB-connected motor controller to power the unit. While the company has released previous models. The three is the cheapest with an introductory price of $399.00.

More details on the official site HERE

via Slashgear

Chuwi W3000 MID Reviewed

MP4nation has posted a review of the Chuwi W3000 MID. Here is the final conclusion they came to:

The W3000 is a very interesting device, its a good internet device, as well as a good multimedia player. Getting other apps to work on the device can be a bit of a hit or a miss, so early adopters may have the most frustrating job of finding what does work and what does not.

Two things that really makes this device stand out from the others, it can fit in your pocket conveniently and it works, its loads fast, it runs and it does what it should, browse the net, play video and audio files and the ability to load additional apps - something that the Q5 wished it could do.

Read entire review HERE

Norhtec's $199 Gecko EduBook

Here is a new netbook priced at only $199 called the The Gecko Edubook. A major plus is it using plain old AA batteries. This means even if the company disappears the netbook will still be running for a long time. Dealer samples are available now with a release date of August for the regular public.

Product Page HERE

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maverick Bluetooth Headset

Maverick Lifestyle Corp. has a new stylish Bluetooth Headset. The Nica Bluetooth headset has a minimilist design and comes in 3 colors(black, pink, or white). Included is a Desk Dock charger and AC adapter. The price will be $129.

Available now for purchase HERE

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apple selling iPhone 3G S at 8 a.m. June 19, AT&T at 7 a.m.

Cnet has specifics on time when the iPhone 3G S will be available in store. You can grab the new iPhone at Apple stores starting at 8 am. While At&t will open up at 7 am for preorders.

via Cnet

Amazon Kindle DX now shipping

The Amazon Kindle DX is now in stock and ready to ship to you directly from Amazon.com. This big brother to the Kindle2 features a 9.7" screen. And the big thing is PDF support without conversion.

Product Page HERE
Kindle DX: Amazon's 9.7" Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)

Logitech V220 new patterns

If your looking for notebook mouse then take a look at the Logitech V220. What sets it apart is the nice colors and patterns you can choose from. And at $29.99 it's not going to break the bank.

Product Page HERE

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Digital Point username hacked nzomatrix

My username on digital point has been hacked. Do not deal the person that is using my account. Someone at digital point please email me at nzomatrix@hotmail.com

Please alert the mods at Digital Point username nzomatrix has been hacked. I cannot login so can't report this to mods.

Update: Moderator banned the account to stop the person from posting. But now I am officially banned from Digital Point as the username has been compromised. If anyone knows the admin there and can reset my account. It would be greatly appreciated. Username nzomatrix

Viliv X70 coming to US for $599 starting point

After the Viliv S5, now comes big brother. The X70 will pack a huge 7 inch display along with several configurations. It will be soon sold at Dynamism alongside the S5.

Product Page HERE

Pleo - I'll be back

Pleo is not dead just yet. Pleo IP has been snapped up by Jetta Company Limited, who currenty makes the Pleo pets. They plan on relaunching the Pleo soon so the Pleo can live on.

via Robots rule

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients with GPS Shoes

Footwear manufacturer Aetrex Worldwide and GTS Corp are teaming up to develop a pair of shoes with embedded GPS. The shoes will be used for Alzheimer’s patients who tend to wander off. The GPS can track the person within 30 feet of their location. And an alarm can be set off if say a person wanders off a preset location zone.

via Physorg.com
via GearDiary

The New iPhone?

Is this the new iPhone? We shall see on monday if it is. From the picture it has a matte black casing with no chrome accents, front facing camera, and iPhone OS 3.0.

via Engadget

Apple blocks video camera app ahead of WWDC

I received this email in the mail. So I thought I share it as it was sent.

In October, we started development on iVidCam, a video recording app for the iPhone. We invested a lot of capital and resources because we knew if we got a video camera app working, then it would be an instant hit. By January, we had finished the mp4 video encoding engine, but we needed a way to take multiple pictures per second to make video.

In February, our breakthrough came. Apple featured 25shot, an app that took 25 pictures in 5 seconds. The app used a custom camera view and took 5 screenshots per second. Our team studied the app and integrated the same function into iVidCam. We saw Apple's featuring 25shot on the front page of the App Store as a signal to developers that this function was highlighted and encouraged by Apple.

In March, we finished development of iVidCam and even added wireless transfer and YouTube upload functions to the app. We were confident that this app would go #1 in the App Store. It had everything users wanted - a functional video camera app, mp4 encoding, wireless transfer, and YouTube upload of the recorded videos. We posted the app to iTunesConnect for Apple approval on March 27. Several days later we were shocked to discover Apple had rejected the app due to what they said was an "unpublished API."

The same day we called the highest management person at Apple we knew, John Geleynse. We met him at the L.A. Tech Talk last year and he appeared to be the main iPhone evangelist. We thought that he could surely help us. On the phone, he was cordial and even agreed with us that talking to the regular reviewers was not going to do anything. He told us to email him an email stating our case with specifics and that he would forward it to Lead of the App Review Team. He assured us this was the way to go.

We emailed John Geleynse the same day. And this was the beginning of almost 2 months of being ignored, neglected and overlooked by Apple. Our emails to the Lead of the App Review Team were not being directly responded to. We asked for dialogue, and they gave us no personal replies but sent us form letters intead. Throughout this process, we were committed to working with Apple and not complaining publicly. We wanted to give every opportunity for Apple to address our concerns. Apple deeply disappointed us by ignoring us for months.

* March 31-May 18 correspondence with Director of Tech Evangelism, John Geleynse

By mid-May we had reached the point of exasperation. Our efforts to dialogue with Apple, their main iPhone evangelist, and the Lead of the App Review Team had led to nothing. We decided to try one more time with Apple, this time writing to the highest management possible, Steve Jobs. Here's our May 18th letter to Steve Jobs that we asked several high management people at Apple to make sure it got to him:

* May 18 letter to Steve Jobs

We ended up getting a reply from Senior VP Phil Schiller, who ironically is going to be giving the keynote speech at June 8, 2009 WWDC where Apple could announce their own video camera app for the iPhone. Phil Schiller's email and following correspondence ended up to be another big disappointment. Apple never took us seriously and refused to dialogue with us on the issues we brought up.

* May 18-27 correspondence with VP Phil Schiller

After two months of being unable to dialogue with Apple, we learned that perhaps we were just too insignificant in Apple's eyes. Even though we had published hundreds of iPhone apps in the App Store, we were just one developer with a complaint in Apple's eyes. We decided to draft a petition letter to end the unfair practice of rejecting custom camera view apps by Apple.

* Petition Letter from Photo App Developers

And finally, we've decided to share our story publicly. Maybe Apple will change if enough people let them know they don't agree with how they've handled this situation. We can no longer do it by ourselves, we need your help.

* Please email Apple to let them know you're unhappy about their actions (appreview@apple.com and schiller@apple.com).

In closing, this saga has seeded many doubts about the partnership that Apple has with developers like us.

1. Our company has been damaged and devastated.

We've spent the majority of our resources on iVidCam, only to see it unjustly rejected and Apple closed to dialogue. It's frustrating especially since we were big fans of Apple and our company of 6 iphone developers has been committed to developing iPhone apps and working with Apple. We were counting on iVidCam sales. Now our company is struggling to break even and we're at the unenviable place of deciding whether continuing to develop for the iPhone is sustainable or not.

2. It doesn't feel good to be disrespected, neglected, and misled as a developer.

It's been a stressful process because we've tried our best to communicate and reach out to Apple, only to be ignored and not treated as a true dialogue partner. If Apple treats developers like this now, what is the future of Apple-and-developers relations? In our case, we feel like Apple misled us, changed the rules arbitrarily, and punished us for trying to be good iPhone developers that work within the system. Ironically, our company has been committed 100% to developing for the non-jailbroken iPhone, only to be punished by Apple. And if Apple comes out with their own video camera app on June 8, 2009 at WWDC, it will be a sad day for us and also thousands of developers. The App Store is not a good system when the people in charge can do whatever they want with no accountability, even at the loss and damage of other parties.

3. What's a published API?

One of the key issues in our story is what constitutes a "published API"? We've stated this over and over to Apple, but we believe that one of the strongest publishing mechanisms they have is the front page of the App Store. Apple appears to meticulously choose which apps to feature. The featured apps encourage users to buy them and developers to develop them. In this case, Apple featured 25shot in February and QuadCam in May, along with approving dozens of custom camera view apps in between. These featured apps appeared to millions of iPhone users on their desktop and also on their iPhones (AppStore). If these apps were using an "unpublished API", then why were they featured multiple times on the front page of the App Store? And why were dozens of these apps approved? If Apple was wrong in featuring these apps, then they misled developers like us to spend tons of capital and resources in development. Regardless, by featuring these apps, Apple clearly implicitly published the use of these APIs to millions of users and developers. And by continuously featuring these apps, Apple strengthened their published position of the custom camera api usage.

Friday, June 05, 2009

HP 2140 With 2GB RAM and Slipcover for $300

PCMall has a good deal if your shopping for the HP 2140 netbook. It includes a free upgrade to 2GB of Ram and Slipcover for $300 after rebate. Keep in mind this is the lower rez 1024x576 than the newer ones. Does have Windows XP which is a major plus.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Miyamoto checks out PSP Go

Looks like Shigeru Miyamoto wants his own PSP Go. As you can see from the pic he's checking out he competition.

via CrunchGear

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sony PSP Go launches October 1st for $249

As expected Sony announced the PSP Go at E3. The new handheld will feature a 3.8 inch screen, bluetooth, and 16GB storage. Gone is the UMD drive in favor of a new Memory Stick Micro slot. Release date October 1 in U.S. and November 1 in Japan. Cost will be $249.

Specs below
* Approx. 128 x 16.5 x 69 mm (width x height x depth)
* Weight: 5.6 ounces (including batter)
* CPU: 333MHz
* 64MB memory
* 3.8-inch display (480 x 272 resolution)
* Built-in stereo speakers and microphone
* 802.11b WiFi
* Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
* USB 2.0
* Memory Stick Micro slot
* Analog video out
* 16GB storage

via Engadget

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My new Gadget store - GadgetOutlet.ecrater.com

I will be selling my personal gadgets at my new webstore at http://gadgetoutlet.ecrater.com/

All sales will pay for my domains, future gadget purchases, contests, and other projects.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sega Dreamcast Console $119.99 shipped

A bit odd but Amazon managed to get a stock of brand new Sega Dreamcast Consoles. The problem is their selling it for $119.99. I guess Amazon thinks it might sell as a collector's item which would warrant the high price.

Product Page here
Sega Dreamcast Console

Amazon Kindle DX starts shipping on June 10th

Amazon will be shipping the new DX Kindle reader early. They will start shipping to preorders on June 10th.

via Engadget