Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Microsoft Zune HD Tradition leather case Review

Let’s face it Zune owners have a lot less to choose from when it comes to accessories. While iPod owners have a ton of choices the Zune accessories leave a lot to be desired. One of the first things to get with a new mp3 player is a case. I was lucky to find that Noreve makes a case for the Zune HD.

The newly release Noreve Zune HD case has arrived and I got to go hands on with the new case. Noreve is not known for being cheap and at $45.89 this isn’t the cheapest solution. Though you get what you pay for and Noreve is always known for top notch quality.

The Noreve Zune HD has a lot of choices when it comes to color. I chose black but you can choose from 12 colors and several textured colors. The Zune HD slides beautifully into the case without scratching the device. The hand crafted case fits like a glove and adds little to no bulk to the unit. The case opens from the top and when open can fully function inside the case. The headphone jack and syncing port is open for easy access.

The Noreve case has a removable belt clip. Simply remove the screw with the included screwdriver then insider the metal nut and then screw in the included screw. Then the belt clip just slides into place.

The Noreve Zune HD Traditional Leather Case is by far one of the top choices for any Zune HD owner. This case is beautifully made and protects your new gadget like new. The included belt clip is nice when you want to take your Zune HD on the go. It has everything I want in a great case and this is the case that I use for my personal Zune HD.

9.5 Out of 10

Purchase it now at NoreveUSA HERE

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