Wednesday, August 24, 2011

iMainGo 2 Handheld Speaker Case for iPod and iPhone (Black) Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

iMainGo has been getting a lot of buzz recently and I wanted to try out the iPod case/speaker for myself. This case with built in speaker pumps out big sound out of case that can be held in your hand. In all my time reviewing iPod speakers I have never came upon a speaker that sounds this good.

The iMainGo works great with the iPod Touch, iPhone, Zune HD, or any other small MP3 player. The iMainGo speaker is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are included. The player goes inside the case and a strap is used to secure it into place. There is a foam insert included for smaller players like the Zune HD to fit. On the outer side you will find a clear plastic window which you can touch the touchscreen of the iPod Touch and navigate the music interface. The iMainGo also features an alarm so you can wake up to your favorite tunes. The iMainGo has an amazing battery life of 30 hrs and uses replaceable AAA batteries that you can find at any store.

When I think of the iMainGo I think of the perfect case/speaker combo available in the market. The iMainGo is big on sound while protecting your iPod or iPhone. I have gone through my share of cases but this one is unique and real fun to show off. I mean when you turn on the speaker you will blow away the crowd around you with crystal clear sound from a small compact case. This would also be the perfect gift for your son, daughter of family member going off to college.

10 Out of 10

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iMainGo 2 Handheld Speaker Case for iPod and iPhone (Black)

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