Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Flyshark a new concept of foldable keyboard

Flyshark wireless keyboard is a small, lightweight, foldable keyboard that is designed for smart devices.  The wireless keyboard will work with both IOS and Android phones and tablets.  The fold-ability of keyboard makes it perfect to take in a pocket with your mobile device. 

The Flyshark keyboard uses Broadcom Bluetooth chip that is using the 3.0 protocol.  The Flyshark keyboard is available now for preorder at Kickstarter for as low as $55 HERE

FlyShark Smartwatch takes on Apple Watch

Apple is not the only one launching a new Smartwatch to the market.  FlyShark, a company that previously launched a wireless keyboard on Kickstarter and is introducing a new one HERE.  The FlyShark Smartwatch is a swiss army knife of smart watches.  It features a standalone mobile phone, heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, sleep quality monitor and so much more.

The FlyShark Smartwatch can send AND receive messages, and make private calls without touching your phone.  Just simply pop a Micro-SIM card and you have a Smartwatch phone on your wrist.  The watch can also use Bluetooth and work with your Smartphone as well.  The FlyShark Smartwatch also features a 2MP camera for quick photo taking moments.  The exercise tracker and heart rate monitor will keep you in good health.  The watch is available for preorder for as low as $79 early bird offer HERE

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Danny P. Leather iPad Sleeve Review

Our sister site Articles of Leather has posted up a review of the Danny P. Leather iPad Sleeve.  If your looking for a quality leather case for your iPad look no further than Danny P. Leather iPad Sleeve.  Check out the full review HERE

Techne Swiss Concept Dual-Time Aviator Watch

Techne returns to crowdfunding to fund it's latest watch the Dual-Time Swiss Concept Aviator Watch.  Overseeing development of the brand Techné (, Swiss studio VANTGARD is hoping to bring this unique, three-year battery, Swiss Concept watch to production through crowdfunding.

The watch will be available through for around $125USD to $135USD.  The timepiece offers great looks and Swiss-engineered mechanism.  Those that fund the project get to choose from 3 different straps, and each watch will be delivered in military-style kraft boxes with a 24 month limited warranty.

Check out the crowdfunding project HERE

Monday, March 02, 2015

CCleaner is awesome fixed missing bottom toolbar

My computer for some reason was missing the bottom toolbar.  It was not autohide or anything like that.  I was trying to figure it out all day.  The desktop would not let me drag or drop.  It would not allow me to open programs like Firefox.  I kinda figure it was my hard drive dying.  Until I saw a post on some random forum to use CCleaner.  I had some photos that I did not backup and was unable to copy to flash drive because Windows was acting up.  After 10 hours of trying to problem solve the issue I clicked on CCleaner and it was the only program that was still working under Windows.  I clicked fix registry errors and then nothing happen.  Then I rebooted windows and finally everything was back to normal. 

What I thought was a dead hard drive ending up being registry errors.  Had I known to use CCleaner in the beginning I would have save grief from trying to figure it out. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Waxhaws Leather Co. Billfold Wallet with 100 year warranty reviewed

Saddleback Leather is not the only company with a 100 year warranty.  Waxhaws also offers a lifetime or 100 year warranty for their products.  Check out our sister site Articles of Leather for the review of the Waxhaws Leather Co. Billfold Wallet full grain vegetable-tanned English Bridle Leather HERE

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit Review

As a journalist, every time I review a new product I receive a business card from the company I am reviewing.  In the past I just threw away the business card or misplaced them.  Now a product will make it easy to save my important business contacts.  The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is a Smartphone stand and business card scanner all-in-one.


  • Capture business cards, recognizing contacts’ information automatically with the customized aluminum alloy phone stand
  • Synchronize contacts’ information via Gmail contacts, and store them in Dropbox and iCloud
  • Manage and access your contacts on all your devices, iPhone, Android Phone, PC, and Mac
  • Transfer data with Outlook, Salesforce, ACT!, and other software

The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit acts a simple stand, then you can pull up the back end of the stand and hold business cards.  After this you simply download the app and launch your Smartphone camera to act as a scanner that scans your business cards.  There is a lite and paid version and your kit includes an activation code.  You can use the device with either Android or iOS devices.

The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is perfect for capturing a large amount of business cards.  You can also return the business card so they can reuse the business card to someone that would needs it.  The stand is made of aluminum alloy and feels like it will last the test of time.  The WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit is a must for any businessman that needs to organize his/her business contacts on the fly. 

9.5 Out of 10

Buy it now HERE

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hexo+, the autonomous flying camera

Hexo+ is a successful Kickstarter project that is now available for preorder. The autonomous flying camera connects with a GoPro to capture Hollywood-style aerial shots.  The drone can reach maximum speed of 70km/h and can be controlled by a few simple gestures on the smartphone.

Hexo+  previous Kickstarter campaign has successfully raised over 1.3 million USD, funded by more than 2,000 backers from across the world.  You can now preorder the Hexo+ on their website for $1,149.00 USD HERE

Friday, December 05, 2014

How to upgrade Paypal account from Personal to Premier

For the life of me I could not figure out why there was no option to upgrade to Paypal Premiere from person. Paypal only gave me the option to upgrade to Business. Eventually I saw a forum post with the same problem and they found a link to upgrade to premier. Here is the link to upgrade to premier HERE

Friday, September 05, 2014

Infosonics' verykool SL5000 Quantum with LTE

Infosonics has released a new smartphone that will be an alternative to the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The veryKool SL5000 Quantum 4G LTE will be unlocked to any GSM carrier. It will feature beefy specs such as 1.2Ghz Quad Core CPU from Qualcomm's Snapdragon 400, a huge 5.0 inch LCD TFT-IPS Touchscreen, an 8.0 megapixel camera and Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System. Infosonics verykool SL5000 QUANTUM Smartphone features the latest 4G LTE support and budget friendly price of $229.80. Check out the new Infosonics' verykoolR SL5000 Quantum with LTE HERE