Friday, August 19, 2011

Clickfree Transformer for iPod Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

The Transformer for iPod from clickfree is a compact USB device that allows you to use unused space on your iPod or iPhone as a backup drive for your computer.

There is absolutely no software to install: simply plug the Transformer into your computer and your iPod into the Transformer. Your e-mail, photos, videos, and documents will be backed up, automatically. The Transformer also allows you to copy music and playlists from any iPod or iPhone to your computer.

• Absolutely no software to install

• Backs up more than 400 file types

• Import music from any iPod

• Supports 14 languages

• Can backup data from multiple computers

• Standard USB interface

• Windows and Mac compatibility

Intro: Almost every person owns an iPod or even two or three. Yet most do not fully used the amount of space is available to them. Most people tend to only use a fraction of the allotted space. So what can you do with the other space that is not being used? Well Clickfree has the answer with the Clickfree Transformer for iPod.

Design & Function: The clickfree transformer for iPod comes in white with an usb connection. Simple connect the iPod sync cable to the clickfree and connect the other end to the iPod. And you’re all set. Connect it to your computer and your ready to back up all kinds of files. The backup software is built in so no need to install anything. It also doesn't mess with existing music or video files. Also a nice feature is you can bring back music from iPods and import them back to iTunes.

Conclusion: Why waste space when you can make it useful. Especially with larger iPods like the 32GB Touch or 120GB Classic, you have tons of space to back up files on your computer. And at less than $50 it's well worth getting the clickfree transformer for iPod.

9.5 Out of 10

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