Thursday, August 11, 2011

XM-I X-Mini portable rechargeable speakers Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim


* 52mm in diameter
* 2.4W output
* 52 grams
* Playback time - 4 to 8 hours
* Matte black finish
* Included USB charging cable, felt bag

One X-mini capsule speaker
One retractable 2in1 USB and 3.5mm Cable
One X-mini travel pouch

Do you have an MP3 player that lacks a key feature, a built in speaker? Or maybe you’re not interested in buying an expensive dock that takes up too much space. And what’s the point of having a tiny MP3 player and then a huge speaker/docking station. Something that you can’t take with you on the go. Then this review is for you.

I was interested in a small compact speaker for my MP3 player but so far I have found cheap portable speakers that sound tiny. That’s when I found the XM-I X-Mini portable rechargeable speaker.

Design: The capsule designed speaker is small and lightweight and can fit in a pocket. It has a nice rubberized feel to it. It comes in matte black finish only weigh 52 grams. Has an off/on switch to conserve battery life and a two-step volume control.

Function: The XM-I X-Mini features a twist and extends style to open the capsule design speaker. Once open and turn on the speaker provides huge sound with major bass that is remarkable considering how small the thing is. The device is pretty much as subwoofer for your portable device or notebook. Next the build quality of the unit is very good better than the cheap ones you get from other manufactures. The speaker is powered by a built in rechargeable that you charge by USB.

Conclusion: For great portability for your iPod or mp3 player I would highly recommend the XM-I X-Mini Rechargeable speaker for those players that lack a built in speaker. It truly provides room-filling sound that can fit in your pocket. For this price it’s a steal and one of the first accessories I would get for my MP3 player or notebook.

9.5 out of 10

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