Thursday, August 11, 2011

Logitech VX Nano Mouse Review

I was looking for a mouse for my laptop computer that would work well and be portable enough to travel around with. The Logitech VX Nano was the perfect compliment to my IBM Thinkpad. The VX Nano was not too big like a normal mouse but was not too small that it was not usable. It’s the perfect size for laptops, which it was designed for.

In the box:
Included are the VX Nano Mouse, two AAA batteries, USB Receiver, USB Receiver Cradle, Software CD, documentation, and pouch.

Design and function:
The mouse gets its name for having a tiny receiver. The receiver is pretty much a usb plug and that’s it. Included is a usb extension cradle so you don’t have to plug the receiver directly into the PC. The mouse uses a 2.4ghz wireless signal. This means you’re free to roam around the room without a chord limiting you. The only negative to a cordless mouse is that you will go through batteries pretty fast. They do include two AAA batteries to start out with. But I would recommend you get some rechargeable AAA batteries. The laser on the VX Nano works excellent. Much better than my old Intellimouse. To fully utilize the mouse you need to install the included software so you are able to tweak the settings to your liking.

I have been using an old Microsoft mouse for years and just amazes me how technology has improve since then. The old mouse was clunky and not very accurate while the VX Nano blows me away with its great features and fluid movements. If you are in the market for a mouse for a laptop then the VX Nano is for you. It the best mouse I have ever used.

9 out of 10

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