Thursday, August 11, 2011

Universal Vertical Style Premium Leather Case for Cell Phone Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

This Premium Leather Case introduces Prima Styling to a Universal Cell Phone Holster Style Pouch.

This elegant protective case can accommodate cell phones measuring up to 2.38" (wide) x 1.00" (deep) x 4.25" (high) and will fit most of the leading Cell Phone Models.

Rugged aniline leather comfortably holds and protects your cell phone, while our, "click lock", durable "Motorola Approved" Removable Swivel Clip attaches to your belt and secures the phone to you...even during the most active of times!

This case available in the following colors:
* Black
* Red
* Chocolate (cordovan)

Intro: I am a big fan of universal cases mainly because of fitted cases in my experience are not made to spec. I too often have to smash the phone into the case just to get it in. And then trying to remove is task as well. Fortunately the Prima universal solves this. The holster style case makes it easy to slide in and out your cell phone.

Design: The universal vertical case is a minimalist design. No spectacular feature it just does what is supposed to do. And that is protecting your cell phone while still looking good as well. The case is made of leather with a smooth shiny finish in three colors (Black, Red, and Chocolate). I received Black as shown.

Features: I have tested the case with two flip phones, Motorola E815 and the Motorola V325 and they fit perfectly. It should fit almost any flip phone. So this really is a universal case for all.

The inside has padding to protect the phone while not scratching it as the same time.

Also the cell phone is secured with a leather strap on top that snaps closed with a magnetic enclosure.

Also included is a belt clip that swivels and is also removable.

Conclusion: By far the best universal cell phone case I have used. It simply works! And I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a case for his or her cell phone. But can’t decide which one. This is a universal case so it should fit almost all-flip phones. It worth it to buy and at the prefect price under $20 bucks.

Rating 9.5 out of 10

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