Thursday, August 11, 2011

B2 MiJam Mini Keyz Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Each mi Jam Mini is a pocket sized music maker that lets you play it on its own, or jam along with your music, your way. There are 4 styles of mi Jam Minis, and each one represents a specific musical instrument. Each one works as a standalone instrument with built in rhythms or as an accompanying instrument when used with an iPod, MP3 player or other portable music device.

The mi Jam Minis are extremely versatile and each one even has its own tempo and volume control. You’ll be surprised what fun they are and how quickly you will become proficient at playing them…best of all…they fit right in your pocket so you’ll always have them with you.

Each mi Jam Mini can be played using headphones or with external speakers.
The mi Jam Mini Keyz is a miniature keyboard with key icons. It can also be played as a standalone keyboard or with a music device. Just turn it on, select the built rhythm, tempo and volume and tap the keys to create your masterpiece. Or plug in your music device and play along with that.

Intro: B2 has created a line of miniaturize instruments that are compatible with the Apple Ipod. If you ever wanted to jam out with your favorite’s songs then you’re in luck. By far one of the best Ipod accessories to come out! Here I review one of the 4 models the “mi Jam Mini Keyz”.

Design: The Mi Jam Mini Keyz is small and compact and will be easy to travel with. It is made of well made plastics and the red backlight really helps the design. The mi Jam Mini Keyz function with 2 AAA batteries (not included). It also features 4 buttons on the front Tempo, Volume, Rhythm, and Style. And four keys C Chord, F Chord, G Chord, Am Chord and 2 Riff Keys.

Function: What makes this product so great is there isn’t a long learning curve. And after a short time you can produce a remarkable sound. You simply connect the mi Jam Mini Keyz to your Ipod and connect a headphone or speaker the device and you’re ready to go. Then it’s a matter of experimenting with all the keys and tempo. Another great feature is that you can record your music with a personal computer and share the sound or even podcast it.

Conclusion: At $20 the mi Jam Mini Keyz is well worth the price and more. And provides hours and hours of fun. This is great product for all ages but especially for children who can be introduced to musical instruments. Also check out their other mi Jam mini products Mini Drumpad, Mini Guitar, and Mini Mixer HERE

9 out of 10

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About B2 - b2 is a newly formed division of Blue Box International specializing in the development and introduction of cutting edge products suitable for the music and entertainment markets.

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