Thursday, August 11, 2011

The RoadWired PDA/Phone Organizer, from Skooba Design Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Price: $27.97

If a big chunk of your world runs on a wireless phone and PDA, you’re not alone. The versatility and power of handheld devices is extraordinary, and now there’s an extraordinary (in our humble opinion) way to “harness” that power—in a carrying case, that is—for efficient, lightweight and elegant travel. The Organizer carries and protects your phone and handheld computer, as well as batteries, small accessories, cards, pens and paper, all in a package not much bigger than a paperback novel.

Intro: I recently decide to purchase the Tapwave Zodiac2 Palm PDA off Ebay. The cases available for this particular PDA are limited. And I wanted a way to carry not only the PDA but also all it came with. So a normal case just would not do. So I look for a universal case and found the one that seem to fit the description of what I was looking for. So here I review “The RoadWired PDA/Phone Organizer, from Skooba Design”

Design - The RoadWired PDA/Phone Organizer, from Skooba Design is made of 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon with neoprene accent/protection panel outside. Scratch-free interior lined with smooth nylon pack cloth. All materials water-repellant. In testing this case is tough and well made and can provide all the protection you need for your expensive phone or pda.

Features - If you want features then this is the organizer to get. It simply has tons and tons of features. It has 15 pockets and compartments to hold your phone/pda, all accessories, business cards, batteries, earphones, and more. To make sure nothing falls out it uses a self-storing extended zipper. The only organizer I heard of that has a PhoneBooth™ compartment a “trap door” that allows instant access to your phone without having to open the case! As well as an exclusive Hide and Go Home™ “secret pocket” hides emergency cash, key, etc. Unique features you won't find on any other Organizer case.
Conclusion - This is the perfect organizer case for those who want an all-in-one solution. Take extra batteries, charger, and cables with you on the go. And next time you’re on a trip you won't have to go looking for accessories in the bag you take with all your other electronics. It will be readily available in one place. The two things that set this organizer apart from the rest are the durability and unique features that you will only find on this case. The RoadWired PDA/Phone Organizer, from Skooba Design is now available at

Rating 9.0 out 10

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