Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latte ICE MP4 player Review

Reviewed by KC Kim
Starting at $69.99

Detailed Specifications

1) Communication: USB2.O high speed
2) Input and Output: 3.5 mm earphone output

1) Memory: 2GB, 4GB
2) External Expandable Memory Slot: Micro SD up to 128MB-2G

1) Size: 2.8 inches QVGA
2) Resolution: 320*240
3) Tag language: Multi languages
4) Menu language: Multi languages
5) Menu system: Image menu and text menu

Supportable file formats:
1) Audio: MP3, WMA
2) Video: AVI/MPEG (Crystal Clear Video)
3) Record: WAV
4) Picture: JPEG

Power and playing time:
1) Battery capacity: 3.7V/550mAH lithium ion battery
2) Video playing time: 3-4H
3) Audio playing time: 6-8H
4) Recording time: About 10H

Voice record:
1) Sampling rate: 8KHz/16KHz
2) MIC record format: WAV (32Kbps/64Kbps)
3) Record method: MIC record
4) Recording time: Max. 32H (512MB capacity)

Audio play:
1) Max. output power of earphone: L10mW+R10mW(32 ohms)
2) MP3 bit rate: 64Kbps-384Kbps
3) WMA bit rate: 64Kbps-320Kbps
4) Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
5) SNR: 85dB
6) Distortion: 0.06%

EQ system:
1) Built-in EQ: Normal, 3D, Rock, Pop, Classic, Self-defined, Bass, Jazz
2) Self-defined EQ: Available

Video play: (Crystal Clear Video)
1) Frame: 24 Frames
2) Resolution: 320*240
3) Format: AVI
4) Encoding: XVID
5) Converting tool: AVI Converter Setup V3.0

FM radio:
1) Receiving frequency range: 78MHz-108MHz
2) Saved channel no.: 30
3) Max. output power of earphone: L10mW+R10mW (32 ohms)
4) SNR: 45dB

Supportable systems:
1) Operation System: Supports WIN98 (requires installation of driver ); XP/WIN2000 (Driver not required)

What's included:
Player, Stereo Earphone, USB Cable, Charger, Utility CD, Maual, Warranty card

Intro: Having reviewed the Latte Neon M3 I have high hopes for Latte’s next Mp4 player the Latte ICE. And I can’t be more impressed. This is the second Latte MP3 I have reviewed. And it very well may be the best.

Design: The Latte ICE is made of full on metal body which offers maximum durability. Built like a tank but slim as the slimmest mp3 players on the market. The ICE offers both style and durability.

Video: Video playback was smooth with a frame rate of 24fps I didn’t notices any stuttering or artifacts on the screen. With a 2.8” QVGA screen I highly recommend this player for movie viewing. Something I could not say for players that have small screens. Conversion is easy with the included avi converter.

Music: Like all latte players this one has excellent audio quality. And is comparable to other budget MP4 players. Also there is a built-in EQ to suit your music genres (Normal, 3D, Rock, Pop, Classic, Self-defined, Bass, Jazz)

Pictures: With such as large beautifully screen this makes pictures look great. I use it as portable photo album on the go to show to friends.

Speaker: Built in speaker is always a great feature. I mean I have the iPod Touch which costs over $300 and it lacks a built in speaker. So it’s nice to have this feature that is often overlooked. I much prefer the built speaker than listening using earphones.

GUI: The interface on the Latte ICE may be one of the best I’ve seen on a MP4 player. Large big icons make the interface simple to use for everyone with no learning curve. Perfect for the non techie who get’s frustrated with some of the interfaces for other players.

Battery life: Battery life is a respectable 6-8hrs of audio and 4-5hrs of video.

Conclusion: Latte Communication yet again has a winner with the Latte ICE Multimedia player. It features a huge 2.8” screen perfect for movie watching, excellent sound quality, built in speaker, expandability with miniSD slot and simple to use interface makes this a must buy for first time buyers.

9 out of 10

Buy it now Latte Communications Ice 4 GB Video MP3 Player (Silver)

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