Thursday, August 11, 2011

HP 2133 Mini-Note Sleeve Case by WaterField

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Recently there has been a trend of low cost laptops starting with the Asus EEE. When other companies found that there was a niche for such things they all jump on board. HP is one such company with their HP 2133 Mini Note. The Mini Note is a small notebook computer that was recently released. Now when I first saw it I new I was getting one, as I tend to purchase the latest tech even when my bank account disagrees. So I ended up purchasing the mid range 2133 running Linux, with 120gb hard drive, 1.2ghz VIA chip, and standard battery. When I finally receive it from I was in awe of its great features. But one thing I needed to do right away with my new shiny gadget was protect it from damage. Fortunately for me Waterfield announce they will sell a sleeve case for the HP 2133 Mini-Note at launch. This was the first third party accessory for the HP Mini-Note. So when I got a chance to review the case. I jumped at the opportunity.

Design and function: The Waterfield Sleeve case is beautifully designed. From the incredible stitching job and nice nylon and neoprene high-grade materials. The case also has a great deal of padding while still looking relatively slim. The cushion should provide a great deal of protection for the Mini-Note. The version I receive had a Horizontal Orientation. But you can buy the sleevecase with a vertical Orientation as well. Also you can customize the case to add a strap and also a flap (which does a nice job of keeping dust out of the machine).

Conclusion: What makes the Waterfield HP Mini Note case so great is it’s high quality workmanship, made in USA quality and durability, and the nice customization of the case. It’s truly one of the best cases I have ever used. The case perfectly fits the HP 2133 Mini Note. And since HP neglected to include a case Waterfield step up and simple provided the best case available right now for the HP Mini-Note.

9.5 out of 10

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